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Bear Breaks Into A Car, Honks The Horn And Then Poops Inside

In a bizarre incident in Vancouver, Canada, a bear breaks into a car, honks the horn and then poops inside the vehicle. The incident occurred in the town of Tofino where a resident named Stephanie Hannay heard her car horn honking repeatedly late at night.

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In a bizarre incident in Vancouver, Canada, a bear breaks into a car, honks the horn and then poopsinside the vehicle. The incident occurred in the town of Tofino where a resident named Stephanie Hannay heard her car horn honking repeatedly late at night.
Upon investigating the matter in which a bear breaks into a car, honks the horn and then poops inside, she was shocked to find a bear inside her vehicle, destroying the interior and leaving a mess behind. The bear had apparently managed to open the door of the car, climb inside, and then become trapped when the door closed behind it.
Stephanie Hannay immediately called the police, who arrived on the scene along with conservation officers. It took three hours to coax the bear out of the car, during which time it caused significant damage to the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel. You can watch the video here.
After finally being freed, the bear defecated inside the car before running away. According to the conservation officers, the bear had likely been attracted to the smell of food in the car.
While this incident may seem comical, it highlights the importance of being bear-aware in regions where these animals are present. Bears are naturally curious creatures, and they can be attracted to the smell of food, garbage, and other items left in cars.
To prevent bears from breaking into vehicles, it is recommended to keep them locked and to avoid leaving any food, garbage, or other scented items inside. In areas where bears are common, it is also advisable to carry bear spray and to make noise while hiking to alert bears of your presence.
It is also essential to understand that bears are wild animals and should be treated with respect. Encounters with bears can be dangerous, and it is important to know how to react in these situations. Conservation officers recommend remaining calm, making yourself look as large as possible, and slowly backing away if you encounter a bear.
While it may seem bizarre and even humorous, the incident of a bear breaking into a car, honking the horn and then defecating inside is actually not uncommon. Bears have a keen sense of smell and can easily detect food, trash, or anything else that may attract them inside a vehicle. This often leads to them breaking windows, tearing open doors or even roofs to get inside.
According to wildlife experts, bears are attracted to food smells, and they can detect them from miles away. They are especially attracted to the smell of trash, human food, pet food, and scented items such as air fresheners. Once they get a whiff of these smells, they become determined to get to the source, even if it means breaking into a car.
Bears breaking into cars not only poses a risk to the animal but also to humans. Encounters between bears and humans can lead to dangerous situations, especially if the bear becomes agitated or feels threatened. It is important to take steps to prevent these types of situations from occurring.
One of the best ways to prevent bears from breaking into cars is to avoid leaving any food or scented items inside the vehicle. This includes snacks, drinks, pet food, trash, and anything else that may attract the animal. If you are camping or hiking in bear country, it is important to properly store all food and trash in bear-resistant containers or hang them from a tree away from your campsite.
It is also important to be aware of your surroundings and to keep a safe distance from bears. If you encounter a bear, do not approach it, make loud noises to scare it away, and do not run. Instead, slowly back away while keeping your eyes on the bear.
In the event that a bear does break into your car, it is important to contact wildlife authorities as soon as possible. Do not attempt to approach or confront the bear yourself. Instead, wait for trained professionals to safely remove the animal from the vehicle.
A bear trapped in a car
A bear trapped in a car

What To Do If A Bear Breaks Into Your Car?

Encountering a bear is a scary situation, but it becomes even more intimidating when they break into your car.
If you find yourself in such a situation, there are certain steps you should follow to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of harm to yourself and the bear. Here are some tips on what to do if a bear breaks into your car:
  • Stay calm - If you come back to your car and find a bear inside, it's important to remain calm. Do not approach the bear or try to chase it out of the car. Instead, give the bear some space and back away slowly.
  • Alert others - If there are other people around, let them know about the situation so they can avoid approaching the car. You should also call the local authorities or wildlife officials to inform them about the incident.
  • Assess the situation - Before taking any action, evaluate the bear's behavior. If the bear seems agitated or aggressive, it's best to retreat to a safe distance and wait for wildlife officials to arrive. If the bear is calm and doesn't seem to pose an immediate threat, you can try to scare it away.
  • Scare the bear away -Use loud noises or bear spray to scare the bear out of the car. If you have bear spray, make sure to use it from a safe distance and in a well-ventilated area. You can also use an air horn, whistle, or loud musicto make noise and try to scare the bear away.
  • Avoid approaching the car -If the bear leaves the car, do not approach it immediately. Wait for a few minutes to ensure the bear has left the area before approaching the car. Check the car thoroughly for any damage, and do not attempt to clean up any bear feces or urine yourself.
  • Prevent future incidents - To prevent bears from breaking into your car in the future, it's important to take preventive measures such as storing all food and scented items in bear-proof containers. You should also avoid leaving any trash or food scraps in your car and ensure that all windows and doors are securely closed.
  • Seek medical attention -If you come into contact with bear feces or urine, it's important to seek medical attention immediately. Bear feces and urine can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause serious health problems.
Overall, encountering a bear inside your car can be a frightening experience. However, staying calm, alerting others, assessing the situation, scaring the bear away, avoiding approaching the car, preventing future incidents, and seeking medical attention if necessary can help you handle the situation safely and effectively. It's always best to contact wildlife officials to help with the removal of the bear to ensure your safety and the safety of the bear.

People Also Ask

Why Do Bears Break Into Cars?

Bears are often attracted to the scent of food or other items that may be in a car, and may break in to try and access them.

Can Bears Honk A Car Horn?

It is unlikely that bears have the ability to intentionally honk a car horn, but in the case of the bear mentioned in the article, it is possible that it accidentally hit the horn while inside the car.

How Can I Prevent Bears From Breaking Into My Car?

To prevent bears from breaking into your car, it is important to remove any food or scented items from the vehicle and keep the doors and windows closed.

What Happens To The Car After A Bear Breaks In And Poops Inside?

The car may need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after a bear poops inside, as the waste can pose health risks to humans. In some cases, the car may also sustain damage from the bear's attempts to gain access.


While the story in which a bear breaks into a car, honks the horn and then poops inside may seem humorous, it is a reminder that bears are wild animals that should be respected and approached with caution. By taking steps to avoid attracting bears and knowing how to react in the event of an encounter, we can help prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future.
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