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Dreamy Beach Wedding Ideas On A Budget - Making Your Coastal Celebration Affordable And Beautiful

Having a beach wedding ideas on a budget is possible with some creative planning and thoughtful choices. It offers a breathtaking natural setting, which is sure to wow your visitors, to start. Additionally, the sound of the waves might evoke feelings of closeness and affection. A beach wedding may also be surprisingly inexpensive since many locations provide discounts for midweek or off-peak occasions.

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Having a beach wedding ideas on a budgetis possible with some creative planning and thoughtful choices. It offers a breathtaking natural setting, which is sure to wow your visitors, to start. Additionally, the sound of the waves might evoke feelings of closeness and affection. A beach wedding may also be surprisingly inexpensive since many locations provide discounts for midweek or off-peak occasions.
Of course, if you're organizing abeach wedding, there are a few considerations to make. First of all, you should always have a fallback plan in case of inclement weather since it might be unexpected. Second, it might be difficult to walk on sand in heels, so think about providing a space where guests can remove their shoes.
Finally, remember to provide your visitors sunscreen and umbrellas since the beach sun may be quite powerful. An memorable beach wedding may be had by you and your guests with a little forethought and preparation.

Beach Wedding Ideas On A Budget

A beach arranged for the wedding
A beach arranged for the wedding
  • Choose the right beach -Look for public beaches or less popular beach destinations as they often have lower permit fees, or they might not require a permit at all. Keep in mind that some beaches have restrictions on the number of guests and set-up.
  • Off-peak season- Consider having your wedding during the off-peak season or on a weekday, as this can lead to cost savings on venue and vendor fees.
  • Minimal decor- Take advantage of the natural beauty of the beach by keeping decorations to a minimum. Use the ocean and the sunset as your backdrop. Simple floral arrangements, lanterns, or driftwood accents can add a touch of elegance without breaking the bank.
  • DIY decorations - Get creative and make your own decorations. Collect seashells, beach glass, or driftwood to create centerpieces or aisle decor. DIY projects can be both cost-effective and personal.
  • Casual attire- Opt for casual, lightweight wedding attire for both the bridal party and guests. Beach weddings often call for more relaxed and comfortable clothing, which can be more budget-friendly than traditional formal wear.
  • Beach-friendly footwear- Skip expensive heels and dress shoes in favor of barefoot sandals, flip-flops, or casual beach shoes. This can save you money and ensure comfort on the sandy shore.
  • Local catering- Look for local catering options that specialize in beach weddings. Seafood, BBQ, and other casual beach fare can be more affordable than a formal sit-down dinner. Consider a picnic-style or food truck catering for a laid-back atmosphere.
  • BYOB- If the beach location allows, consider bringing your own alcohol to the reception. This can save significantly on beverage costs compared to hiring a full bar service.
  • Digital invitations- Save on paper and postage by sending digital wedding invitations. There are many free or low-cost online invitation services available.
  • Opt for a smaller guest list - Limiting your guest list can be one of the most effective ways to cut costs. A smaller wedding can allow you to allocate your budget more generously to other aspects of the wedding.
  • Officiant options - If you have a friend or family member who is qualified and willing to become an ordained minister, you can save on officiant fees.
  • Music- Consider using a playlist and portable speakers for your wedding music rather than hiring a DJ or live band.
  • Sunset ceremony - Choose a sunset ceremony, as the natural lighting can be both beautiful and romantic, reducing the need for extra lighting and decorations.
  • Rent or borrow decor - Instead of purchasing expensive decor items, consider renting or borrowing from friends and family. This can include items like arches, chairs, and linens.
  • Bonfire reception- If it's allowed on the beach, consider having a bonfire reception. It adds a cozy and intimate atmosphere and is an excellent option for a beach wedding.

Spending Categories For Your Wedding Budget

Two people at a weddding
Two people at a weddding
Creating a budget is an essential financial tool to help you manage your money effectively. It involves categorizing your income and expenses to track where your money is going and ensure that you are meeting your financial goals. Budgeting for a beach wedding should take into account the following kinds of expenses:
  • Venues for the ceremony and reception
  • Beach permit fees
  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Flowers and decorations for both venues
  • Food and drinks
  • Wedding cake
  • Music
  • Transportation
  • Wedding dress and accessories
  • Hairstylist and makeup artist
  • Groom’s outfit and accessories
  • Paper goods, like invitations, programs, and menus
  • Favors for the guests
  • Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Lodging for you and your wedding party

7 Cheap Beach Wedding Locations

Planning a beach wedding can be a dream come true, with the sun, sand, and surf serving as a picturesque backdrop for your special day. However, the misconception that beach weddings are always expensive doesn't hold true.
In fact, there are numerous beautiful and budget-friendly beach wedding locations where you can tie the knot without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for a serene coastal setting, a charming beachfront town, or a lakeside alternative, this list of seven affordable beach wedding locations offers a range of options to help you make your beach wedding dreams a reality without a hefty price tag.

Narragansett, Rhode Island

A couple at a wedding photo session
A couple at a wedding photo session
Have you visited Rhode Island before? It is tasty. It's endearing. It's also a very reasonable place to tie the knot. Our number one choice for reasonably priced beach wedding venues in Rhode Island is Narraganset. Travelers will find its location convenient; it's just a short, scenic drive from Boston, and it exudes an air of east coast beach vibes.
There are surprisingly inexpensive locations that provide ceremony and reception packages with fantastic views of the beach. Remember that Rhode Island does not have tropical beaches if that's what you want, continue reading. The rocky beaches and seaside atmosphere of Narragansett's coastline provide a sense of being near the ocean. You're set to go as long as you bring your finest dock shoes!

Destin, Florida

Destin Florida Beach Wedding
Destin Florida Beach Wedding
The northern region of Florida isn't usually thought of when discussing beach weddings in the Sunshine State. Don't discount it, however. With its prime location on the Gulf, Destin offers crystal-clear green waters and white sand beaches. You would believe that you were in the Caribbean if you didn't know any better. Your visitors will like this place since it offers a ton of activities like deep sea fishing and water sports, as well as fantastic eateries.
Furthermore, renting fantastic condominiums directly on the beach is simple to discover. The City of Destin is fortunate in that it permits couples to rent space and have their own beachside wedding. Nothing is more reasonably priced than that. Instead, if you're searching for a wedding location, there are many of them available, with different packages to choose from based on your budget.

San Clemente, California

San Clemente, California Wedding
San Clemente, California Wedding
Southern California is home to San Clemente, which is situated between Los Angeles and San Diego. A seaside hamlet known as the "Spanish village by the sea," it radiates exquisite California culture. It really is! The building is beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking, and the vibe is relaxed.
In San Clemente, you may spend a fortune getting married or be married for free on one of the public beaches. There is a 20-guest maximum limit and it's first come, first served. However, this is a fantastic venue if you're looking for an inexpensive little wedding in California! Start your planning by visiting the beaches in Calafia or Mariposa.

Holualoa, Hawaii

A wedding in Holualoa, Hawaii
A wedding in Holualoa, Hawaii
Is it possible to be married in Hawaii on a budget? Yes! Hawaii is undoubtedly a fantastic location for a wedding, but most couples immediately cross it off their list since it seems like a huge financial burden. However, getting married at the Four Seasons is not required. Holualoa is our #1 choice for reasonably priced wedding venues in Hawaii.
This little beach hamlet on the Big Island has a traditional Hawaiian charm of its own. It is well-known for two things: the Kona coffee bean plantations that border its rural roadways and its status as a center for regional artists. Check out Sunshower Farms for a distinctive and reasonably priced location. With its bohemian atmosphere and seaside vistas, this location is very awesome. In addition, wedding packages begin at $1,500. I'm not missing a zero, I promise! For a beautiful wedding in Hawaii, only $1,500.

Mission Beach, California

People photographing brides and grooms on Mission Beach
People photographing brides and grooms on Mission Beach
Mission Beach is the perfect location if you want a fun-filled beach wedding! This lively San Diego beach isn't your usual serene, dreamy beach for a wedding, which is one of the reasons we like it. Mission Beach resembles a postcard image from California. Waves crashing, palm trees reaching the sky, and a busy boardwalk brimming with beach bums gliding past on longboards.
Not to add, the roller coaster at historic Belmont Park will provide amazing pictures for your wedding album. It is free to be married on Mission Beach, but you must first get permission from the city. For a unique, very California wedding, exchange vows at dusk and have a beach campfire with marshmallows.

Key Largo, Florida

Beach Key Largo
Beach Key Largo
Is it just me, or does reading "Key Largo" make you start humming "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys? In the 1988 beach-themed hit, Key Largo, Bermuda, Bahamas, Aruba, and Jamaica were among the other tropical paradise! Key Largo is situated in the Florida Keys, far, far, far beyond the state's southernmost point. It's the closest thing you can get to a tropical island atmosphere without actually traveling to one.
Key Largo is a terrific place to be married since there is a lot of fun to be had there. Discovering John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, swimming with dolphins, and paddle boarding in the pristine sea will be enjoyable for visitors. Have a beach ceremony and a laid-back reception for a low-cost Key Largo wedding. A great place to locate reasonably priced, all-inclusive beach elopements and small weddings is the Florida Keys Wedding Center.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A wedding hall on Cape Cod beach
A wedding hall on Cape Cod beach
Returning to the East Coast is our goal. Given its legendary status, one may be surprised to learn that there are several beach wedding venues on Cape Cod. Dennis is a fantastic location for your wedding, and booking a beach wedding just costs $150 with the city.
Choose to have the reception at a neighborhood eatery like Chapin's Fish & Chips rather than a fancy-pants wedding location with a Kennedyesque vibe. In Cape Cod, there will be enough to occupy your friends and relatives. This is one destination beach wedding location that everyone will like, including activities like sea kayaking and visiting neighborhood glass and pottery businesses.

Beach Wedding Ideas On A Budget - FAQs

Can You Just Set Up A Wedding On A Beach?

Special permission is often not required for a beach wedding. It is nevertheless valuable to confirm the answer. Even if you don't need a permit, you should find out about any restrictions or prohibitions that could be in place regarding alcohol, music, the amount of guests, and bonfires.

What Do Grooms Wear For Beach Wedding?

A suit, tie, belt, and matching shoes are all you'll need. The classic groom dresses in a three-piece suit in gray, navy, or blue, however lighter colors may still look stunning!

What Is The Best Time To Have A Beach Wedding?

In summary, April, May, June, September, October, and November are typically the ideal months to have a beach wedding.

What Are Some Cost-effective Beach Wedding Decor Ideas?

Consider using natural beach elements like seashells, driftwood, and starfish for decor. Opt for simple floral arrangements and use inexpensive lanterns, candles, or fairy lights for ambiance. Utilize beach-themed DIY projects for decor, such as beachcomber centerpieces or driftwood arches.

Are There Ways To Cut Down On Transportation Expenses For A Beach Wedding?

Choose a beach location that is close to where you and your guests are staying to reduce transportation costs. Alternatively, consider arranging shuttle services if necessary or encourage carpooling.

Are There Affordable Options For Beach Wedding Entertainment?

Look for local musicians, acoustic bands, or even a portable speaker and curated playlist for background music. A beach wedding's natural ambiance often provides its own entertainment.

Final Words

A beach wedding doesn't have to break the bank. From selecting the right location to keeping decor simple, and even going the DIY route for certain aspects of your wedding, you can have the beach wedding of your dreams on a budget. By implementing these beach wedding ideas, you'll create lasting memories while saving money, leaving you with more resources to start your life together as a married couple.
In these affordable beach wedding locations, you'll find the ideal balance between natural beauty and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that your special day is both memorable and budget-friendly. With some careful planning and a touch of creativity, you can turn your beach wedding dreams into a reality without emptying your wallet. These budget-friendly ideas can help you create the beach wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.
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