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Best Asters Flower Tattoo Ideas In 2022

Aster flowers as a symbol can have several meanings. That's why Asters flower tattoo is incredibly adorable and lovely tattoos. For instance, the aster flower was a sign of love and devotion to the goddess Aphrodite among the ancient Greeks.

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Aster flowers as a symbol can have several meanings. That's why Asters flower tattoois incredibly adorable and lovely tattoos. For instance, the aster flower was a sign of love and devotion to the goddess Aphrodite among the ancient Greeks.

Aster Flower Meaning

The Greek word "Aster" can be translated as "Star." It symbolizes wisdom, love, and faith. The tiny white aster tattoo is a message that reads, "I love you more than you love me!"
You may get inspiration for and see pictures of aster flower tattoos on numerous body parts, such as the arm, shoulder, thigh, leg, sleeve, back, foot, forearm, hip, and more, on both men and women.

The Asters Flower Tattoo Represents Love And Is A Star Emblem

According to a myth from ancient Greece, the aster originated from a mote that had fallen from a star. People in Ancient Greece were already aware of the constellation of the Maiden, which is linked to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.
According to a different version, when the Maiden wept while staring down from the sky, an aster flower appeared from the space dust.
Another tale claims that if you visit an aster field at night and remain there while paying close attention, you can hear a soft whisper that represents a conversation between asters and their star sisters.
Another tale claims that two Taoist monks made the decision to travel to the stars. They traveled a very long distance through juniper bushes, prickly trees, and treacherous mountain trails before reaching the summit of the tallest mountain in the Altai.
When they did this, they discovered that were still quite high and that the stars had not gotten closer. As a result, they had to return with bloody bodies and tattered clothing, without food or water.
They finally descended from the mountains onto a lovely meadow where lovely flowers were growing when they were almost out of energy. And they came to the realization that, although they had traveled a very far and arduous distance in their dreams in order to view the beauty of the stars, those stars had actually been growing on Earth the entire time. They brought some flowers to their monastery, planted them, and gave them the Latin name "asters," which means "stars."
These myths and tales suggest that aster flower tattoos have a romantic connotation and are associated with stars. Therefore, they can be created on any area of the body by men as well as girls and women.

Aster Flower Tattoo Meaning

In China, having a simple aster flower tattoo is a sign of beauty, correctness, elegance, charm, and modesty. In Hungary, asters are often called "the fall rose," so this tattoo may represent fall and sadness.
Asters are a representation of memories, elegance, grace, and love in flower lore. To represent the sorrow and memory of the victims, they were placed in the graves of French soldiers. There are roughly 600 different varieties of asters; Monte Casinois the most common variety.
If you like flowers in general, and especially aster flowers, take a look at these incredible designs for aster flower tattoos.

Best Aster Flower Tattoos You Must Try

For individuals who adore flowers, and Greek mythology, or those who were born in September, these incredible aster flower tattoo designs are a wonderful choice!
The flower is said to have its birth month in September. If you're looking for the meaning of the aster flower, you should know that it is connected to the Goddess Astrea and is thought to have been created after Astrea's tears fell to the planet.
It is available in a range of hues, including white, lilac, blue, mauve, and pink. A tattoo of a flower represents knowledge, love, endurance, and faith. It even resembles the shape of a star. It got its name from the Greek word for "star."
Since tattoos are a kind of art, aster flower tattoos are a great choice if you're looking for magnificent artwork! Another lovely flower, the gladiolus, is recognized as a symbol of power and makes a wonderful choice for a tattoo.

Black And Grey Aster Flower Tattoo

Tattoos with these colors are consistently popular. Black and grey hues can enhance any design, including the elegance of an aster flower, and give one's appearance a competitive edge.
The aster flower tattoo's symbolism is that it was made from the remains of a star that had fallen. Given that its color mimics asteroid dust, this aster flower tattoo in black and grey is ideal for individuals who desire a tattoo with a lot of symbolic meaning.
Black and grey aster flower tattoo on the back of a man
Black and grey aster flower tattoo on the back of a man

Shoulder Tattoo

One of the most popular places to get aster flower tattoos is on the shoulder and arms. As it stands out and can highlight a person's artistic side, this vivid purple aster tattoo is a fantastic choice for a shoulder tattoo.
Aster flowers are regarded as the September birth flower, and their designs are stunning. They are also a fantastic choice for anyone born in September!
Blue aster flower, orange marigold and pink lily tattoo
Blue aster flower, orange marigold and pink lily tattoo

Aster Flower Arm Tattoo

There is rarely anything cooler than a tattoo sleeve in the eyes of the majority of tattoo enthusiasts. A sleeve is typically the preferred choice for tattoo enthusiasts who want to go all out.
The aster flower can make a beautiful pattern for a sleeve because it is symbolic of stars and has deep meaning. Asters are thought to have originated when the Greek goddess Astereas cried because she couldn't locate any stars to center the earth.
Black Aster flower tattoo on the arm
Black Aster flower tattoo on the arm

Purple Aster Flower Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoo designs among people who love getting inked is the purple flower aster. Many people are drawn to purple flower designs because of their vibrancy, elegance, and eclectic appeal. Those looking for colorful designs frequently look at purple flower designs, including lavender ones.
Minimalist purple Aster flower bouquet tattoo
Minimalist purple Aster flower bouquet tattoo

People Also Ask

What Does A Aster Flower Tattoo Mean?

Traditional aster tattoos in America stand for elegance, sweetness, knowledge, fortitude, and bravery.

What Flower Symbolizes Healing Tattoo?

The Lavender flower symbolizes a healing tattoo.

What Is The Best Flower To Get Tattooed?

  • Orchid.
  • Lotus.
  • Lavender.
  • Hibiscus.
  • Daffodil.
  • Rose.
  • Sunflower.
  • Chrysanthemum.

What Is The Most Tattooed Flower?

The most popular flower tattoo is a rose, which is also known as the flower of love and romance. Rose tattoos are as popular as they are beautiful, and they are often seen on larger tattoos or on their own in bouquets.


Asters flower tattoo is popular for people who have just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and are a symbol for those who were born in the month of September.
Aster flowers are stunning tattoos and also have significant symbolic connotations. To begin with, aster tattoos, like many tattoos of flowers, represent love. Especially for your wedding anniversary, you can have an aster tattoo as a loving memento of your spouse.
As with many tattoos of flowers, asters also stand for beauty. Aster flowers are beautiful and unique. They represent beauty in general and make great tattoos from a design point of view. Additionally, these tattoos stand for subtlety and sweetness.
This tattoo may suit your personality if you are a quiet, feminine person with a lot of insight and wisdom.
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