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Amazon Acts On Vendor Over Piles Of Boxes At Virginia Woman's Doorstep

In a perplexing turn of events, a Virginia woman found herself inundated with stacks of Amazon boxes containing a wide array of items she never ordered. As the mysterious deliveries kept piling up on her doorstep, Cindy Smith became increasingly puzzled and overwhelmed. However, after relentless investigation and pressure from $ WUSA9$ , Amazon acts on vendor over piles of boxes at Virginia woman's doorstep.

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In a perplexing turn of events, a Virginia woman found herself inundated with stacks of Amazon boxes containing a wide array of items she never ordered. As the mysterious deliveries kept piling up on her doorstep, Cindy Smith became increasingly puzzled and overwhelmed. However, after relentless investigation and pressure from WUSA9, Amazon acts on vendor over piles of boxes at Virginia woman's doorstep.

Puzzling Deliveries

Imagine the bewilderment of finding a steady stream of Amazon packages arriving at your doorstep, filled with items you never ordered. That's exactly what Cindy Smith, a resident of Prince William County, Virginia, experienced.
Over 100 Amazon boxes, containing an assortment of 1,000 headlamps for running and biking, 800 glue guns for arts and crafts enthusiasts, and dozens upon dozens of children's binoculars, mysteriously appeared at her home, leaving her puzzled and overwhelmed.
Smith shared:
It was like a never-ending flow of boxes. I couldn't believe it. They just kept piling up, making it impossible for the delivery driver to even reach my front door.- Cindy Smith
To her surprise, the deliveries weren't limited to Amazon alone. Other courier services like FedEx also participated in the unusual package parade.
They came from everybody. FedEx, Amazon, all of them were delivering boxes.- Cindy Smith
The sheer quantity of packages, as well as the diverse range of items, raised alarm bells for Smith. As she dug deeper, she discovered a puzzling detail – all the deliveries were addressed to "Lixiao Zhang" at her residence. However, when asked if anyone by that name lived at her address, Smith replied with a simple "no."

Fraudulent Vendor Scheme Exposed

This wasn't the first time such a strange occurrence had come to light. Liz Geltman, residing in Northwest D.C., recounted a similar experience from the previous month.
It was two rows almost up to the covering the door.- Liz Geltman
Geltman recalled. Like Smith, Geltman received numerous boxes of products she didn't order, particularly children's sheets, without any explanation from Amazon.
Initially, both Smith and Geltman suspected they were victims of a "brushing scam." In this type of scam, online vendors create fake sales of their own products and send the packages to random addresses to generate positive reviews, usually written by paid or affiliated parties, to boost their product ratings.
However, the "brushing scam" was investigated further and it became evident that the situation was more complicated. The Amazon packaging slips that Smith received indicated that these boxes were not the result of a brushing scam.
Instead, they were all labeled as "vendor returns" to Lixiao Zhang but sent to Smith's address. Remarkably, the address found was traced on the packing slips to 15 different Amazon Warehouse Fulfillment Centers spread across nine states.

Exploiting Loopholes For Profit

CJ Rosenbaum, a New York Attorney representing companies that sell on Amazon, shed light on the motive behind such vendor schemes. "It all boils down to money,"Rosenbaum explained.
You have sellers located in China, who are just picking random addresses. And then when they need to get their products out of Amazon's warehouses, they're just having them sent there because it's just cheaper for them to do so.- CJ Rosenbaum, New York Attorney
The vendors in question, located in China, were exploiting a loophole in the system. Instead of paying for the proper disposal of their returned inventory at Amazon's warehouses, they opted to send the products to random addresses, like Smith's and Geltman's. This deceptive tactic not only reduced their costs but also allowed them to retrieve their goods without facing the hassle of proper returns processing.

Amazon Takes Action

Amazon takes action against vendor after hundreds of Amazon boxes sent to Virginia address

Amazon acts on vendor over piles of boxes at Virginia woman's doorstep, the situation that was brought to Amazon's attention leading the e-commerce giant to launch a thorough investigation into the seller, Lixiao Zhang. The inquiry revealed that Lixiao Zhang had violated Amazon's seller policy by creating removal orders with Cindy Smith's address. A similar situation was also discovered in Liz Geltman's case, although the seller involved was different.
In response to the investigation's findings, an Amazon spokesperson released a statement, assuring customers that the company takes swift action against fraudulent behavior.
Amazon has systems in place to detect suspicious behavior by sellers, and teams in place to investigate and stop prohibited activity. The seller account that was engaged in this abusive activity has been closed. There is no place for fraud at Amazon, and we will continue to pursue all measures to protect our store and hold bad actors accountable.- Amazon Spokesperson

A Charitable Endeavor To Make A Difference

Cindy Smith, an environmental science professor, and conservationist, couldn't bear the thought of contributing to waste by discarding the countless items sent to her unexpectedly. Instead of letting them accumulate or ending up in a landfill, she saw an opportunity for a positive outcome.
Determined to make the best of the situation, Smith embarked on a mission to distribute the items to charitable organizations, veterinary clinics, dog shelters, and even acquaintances.
A lot of people told me I was weird.- Cindy Smith
Smith said with a smile.
I would drive around with headlamps and glue guns in the car. I gave them to everybody I met. All my neighbors got glue guns or headlamps. I mean, I gave them to dog shelters, to veterinary clinics. I went to Burger King one day...I have a gift for you.- Cindy Smith
Delivered packages in Cindy Smith's frontyard.
Delivered packages in Cindy Smith's frontyard.

The End Of The Mysterious Deliveries

With the seller's fraudulent activity exposed and their account closed, Cindy Smith can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The barrage of Amazon boxes addressed to her home has ceased, leaving her doorstep free from the ever-growing stacks of unexpected deliveries.
Smith's act of kindness and determination to reduce waste garnered praise from her community. Her efforts not only helped organizations in need but also served as a reminder of the power of compassion and resourcefulness in the face of unusual circumstances.
Cindy Smith's extraordinary encounter with a flood of mysterious Amazon deliveries sheds light on the intricacies of online retail and the potential for sellers to exploit the system for their gain. It also underscores the importance of vigilance and prompt action by platforms like Amazon to protect their customers from fraudulent schemes.
In the end, Smith's charitable endeavor exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to transform adversity into an opportunity to spread joy and make a positive impact on others. Her story serves as a testament to the power of individual actions in creating a ripple effect of goodwill and compassion in the world.

Effective Strategies To Resolve Product Or Service Disappointments

An Amazon logo on a building.
An Amazon logo on a building.
Encountering issues with a product or service can be frustrating, but there are effective strategies to help you seek resolution and get your money back. From returning to the store or website to considering alternative dispute resolution options, these steps, along with a sample complaint letter, can empower you to address your concerns and find a suitable solution.

Return To The Store Or Website

If you encounter issues with a product or service, consider returning to the store or contacting the website where you made the purchase. Explain the problem clearly, and provide any relevant documents, such as receipts or warranties. Be specific about what you want, whether it's a refund, exchange, or store credit. Don't delay in addressing the issue, as many stores have time limits for returns.

Write A Letter

If returning to the store or website doesn't resolve the problem, consider writing a complaint letter. Be concise and detail the product or service you purchased, along with the issue you faced. Request specific actions to resolve the problem, and include copies of relevant documents. Be patient but set a reasonable timeline for a response.

Get Outside Help

If you're dissatisfied with the company's response, seek help from external sources. Contact your state attorney general or consumer protection office for mediation or investigation. National consumer organizations and local Better Business Bureaus may also offer assistance in resolving complaints. Additionally, you can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission to report any wrongdoing.

Post An Online Review

Consider writing an online review if you feel the company's response has been unfair. The Consumer Review Fairness Act protects your right to share honest opinions about products and services, including on social media. Companies are prohibited from threatening or penalizing you for posting honest reviews. A reasonable and clear tone will make your review more effective.
Amazon Product Review
Amazon Product Review

Consider Dispute Resolution Alternatives

Research dispute resolution programs like mediation and arbitration as alternatives to court. Mediation involves a neutral third party helping both parties resolve the problem, while arbitration results in a decision or award by an arbitrator or panel. Check if the program is voluntary or mandatory, as some companies may require arbitration in their contracts.

Small Claims Court Or Lawsuit

If all else fails, small claims court may be an option for resolving financial disputes. Each state has different dollar limits on claims, and the costs are relatively low. You can also consider pursuing a lawsuit, seeking damages or other relief granted by the court, including legal fees. Consulting a lawyer can provide guidance on the best course of action.
By utilizing these strategies and maintaining a calm and informed approach, you can increase your chances of resolving any product or service disappointment to your satisfaction.

People Also Ask

How Does Amazon Resolve Disputes?

After a buyer submits a complaint, Amazon Payments contacts the seller to facilitate a resolution. Buyers must respond to additional information requests within five days, or the complaint might be canceled.

How Does Amazon Manage Customer Satisfaction?

Amazon focuses on one measure of customer service quality: helpfulness. They use non-intrusive and easy-to-use satisfaction surveys to interact with customers and build sales.

What Does Amazon Customer Service Do?

Amazon Customer Service provides 24/7 support via phone, chat, or email to answer inquiries from customers. Sellers receive a monthly email summarizing the previous month's performance.

How Do I Report Amazon Customer Service?

You can contact Amazon's customer service representative by calling 1-888-280-4331, available 24/7. Alternatively, you can reach them via email at, though live chat or phone is preferred.

What Does Amazon Do To Encourage Customer Support And Loyalty?

Amazon offers loyalty and rewards programs like Amazon Prime, providing perks such as expedited service, delivery, and discounts to encourage repeat business and foster customer loyalty.


In conclusion, how swiftly Amazon acts on vendor over piles of boxes at Virginia woman's doorstep exemplifies the company's commitment to addressing customer concerns and ensuring a positive shopping experience. Through streamlined customer support, efficient return policies, and proactive monitoring, Amazon strives to maintain customer satisfaction and trust.
As demonstrated by this incident, Amazon takes any fraudulent activity seriously and takes appropriate measures to protect its customers and maintain the integrity of its marketplace. The company's dedication to resolving disputes and fostering customer loyalty reinforces its position as a reliable and customer-centric e-commerce platform.
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