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Amaran Star Wars - Sentient Species Characterized By Vulpine And Canine Characteristics

The Amaran Star Wars was a sentient species with traits of both canine and vulpine origin. The Amaran anatomy includes bushy tail, bipedal stance, furry body, pointed ears, thin, bewhiskered snout, and narrow tail.

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The Amaran Star Warswas a sentient species with traits of both canine and vulpine origin. The Amaran anatomy includes bushy tail, bipedal stance, furry body, pointed ears, thin, bewhiskered snout, and narrow tail.
Amarans were blatant hagglers who made excellent traders, especially with non-sentient animals that they had domesticated and reared.
The Amaran Star Warsis a species of small, intelligent bipeds who were both vulpine and canine in nature. They moved digitigradely on their toes and had four clawed digits on each arm.
All members of the species had bushy tails. The pointed muzzle had a crimson mouth and narrowed to a small, black nose ringed by whiskers. The black eyes were forward-looking. The top of the skull was crowned by two enormous, pointed ears.
The Amarans, who originated on the planet Amar, later migrated to planets like Vulpter and Naboo. The vulpines were in charge of the former planet's underground storage facilities, which were controlled by the Trade Federation cartel and staffed by members of the planet's native Vulptereen people. On Naboo, though, Amarans hunted, domesticated, and traded animals like the bursa.
The planet Amar, which was located in the Airon sector of the Inner Rim, is where the Amarans evolved. The Stenness Node's ancient hyperspace terminal was accessible to the species thanks to Amar's presence there.
Amaran characters from Star Wars
Amaran characters from Star Wars
Amarans had started to depart Amar for other worlds by the time of the Clone Wars. A total of 25.3 million people, or 6% of the planet Vulpter's 421 million residents, belonged to the Amaran species while it was ruled by the Trade Federation.
The only Amaran population on Vulpter served as the managerial personnel for the Trade Federation's underground storage tunnels; the Vulptereens, the planet's native species, worked in the other positions.
The arrangement led to conflict between the two species since the Vulptereen workers believed they were unfairly paid for their arduous work in the underground locations.
Some Amarans had settled in the Gungan Swamp on the planet Naboo during the reign of the New Republic. The Amarans trapped wild bursas there to breed and sell elsewhere.
They also conducted business on the planet Coruscant, where Amaran traders made up a significant portion of the livestock market there, where they were renowned for carrying a broad variety of rare animals.
One of these dealers bargained with a Pacithhip who desired to resell a bursa to Hutts, and a smaller Amaran conversed with a Veknoid.

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It was well known that Amaran Star Wars liked to haggle over deals. Some Amarans were referred to as "beast charmers." A typical practitioner of the trade could use a staff while doing their responsibilities. The species wore clothes like shirts, vests, trousers, necklaces, and earrings.
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