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Aethertight Flask - Benefits, Upgrades, Lore, And More

In this article, we will talk about aethertight flask and more. In Final Fantasy XIV, players have access to a variety of tools and items that help them on their adventures. One such item is the aethertight flask.

Author:Buttskin Family
Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
Apr 26, 2023
In this article, we will talk about aethertight flaskand more. In Final Fantasy XIV, players have access to a variety of tools and items that help them on their adventures. One such item is the aethertight flask.
This handy flask is an essential item for any adventurer who wants to explore Eorzea without worrying about running out of aether. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the aethertight flask, its uses, and how to obtain it.

What Is The Aethertight Flask?

The aethertight flask is an item that allows players to store aether for later use. Aether is the energy that powers magic and the teleportation system in Eorzea. It is a vital resource for any adventurer, and running out of it can be a significant problem.
The aethertight flask allows players to store aether in a portable container that they can carry with them on their adventures. The flask is made of a special material that is airtight and prevents the aether from leaking out.

Uses Of The Aethertight Flask

The aethertight flask has several uses, making it a valuable item for any adventurer. Here are some of the ways in which players can use the aethertight flask:
  • Storing aether: The primary use of the aethertight flask is to store aether. Players can use the flask to store aether they obtain from crystals or from the environment. This stored aether can be used later to power spells, teleportation, and other abilities that require aether.
  • Teleportation: The aethertight flask can be used to power the teleportation system in Eorzea. Players can use the flask to store aether and then use it to teleport to any location that they have previously visited.
  • Emergency aether supply: The aethertight flask can also be used as an emergency aether supply. If a player runs out of aether during combat or while exploring, they can use the flask to replenish their aether supply quickly.

How To Obtain The Aethertight Flask

The aethertight flask is a valuable item, and obtaining it requires a bit of effort. Here are the steps players need to follow to obtain the aethertight flask:
  • Reach level 10- Players must first reach level 10 in any job or class in the game.
  • Complete the quest "A Self-improving Man"- Once players reach level 10, they can start the quest "A Self-improving Man" in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald. This quest is part of the main storyline and is given by the NPC Wiscard.
  • Complete the quest"Forgotten but Not Gone" - After completing "A Self-improving Man," players must complete the quest "Forgotten but Not Gone." This quest is also part of the main storyline and is given by the NPC Y'shtola in The Waking Sands.
  • Obtain the aethertight flask- Once players complete "Forgotten but Not Gone," they will receive the aethertight flask as a reward.

Upgrading The Aethertight Flask

Upgrading the aethertight flask is an essential step for players who want to take full advantage of this item. The quest "The Power to Protect" is available at level 60 and requires players to complete several tasks to upgrade the flask. These tasks include defeating a powerful enemy and collecting rare items.
Once the quest is complete, the aethertight flask's storage capacity is increased to 9999 units of aether, making it an excellent tool for high-level content. Upgrading the flask is a significant investment of time and resources, but it is well worth it for players who want to make the most of this item.

Aethertight Flasks And Crafting

Aethertight flasks are a valuable component in crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. Crafters can use the flask to infuse aether into their creations, resulting in powerful equipment or consumables. For example, a blacksmith can use an aethertight flask to create high-level weapons that are imbued with powerful aether.
Similarly, an alchemist can use the flask to create potent potions and elixirs that restore health, cure ailments, or enhance attributes. Aethertight flasks can also be used to create materia, which is a valuable resource in Final Fantasy XIV. Materia can be used to enhance equipment or sold on the market board for a profit.

Aethertight Flask Alternatives

While the aethertight flask is a useful item, it is not the only way to store aether in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can also use crystals to store aether, which can be obtained from various sources such as mining, botany, or defeating enemies.
There are different types of crystals in the game, each corresponding to a specific element, such as fire, ice, or lightning. Players can use these crystals to power spells or teleport to aetheryte locations.
Additionally, players can obtain the attunement to various aetheryte locations throughout Eorzea, which allows them to teleport to those locations without using the aethertight flask. However, players must first visit the location in person to attune to it.

Tips For Using The Aethertight Flask Effectively

To make the most of the aethertight flask, players should follow these tips:
  • Use the flask to store aether whenever possible, especially when in areas where aether is plentiful. This will ensure that the flask is always full when needed.
  • Keep the flask topped up with aether to ensure that it is always available when needed. This is especially important in high-level content where aether can be scarce.
  • Consider upgrading the flask to increase its storage capacity. This will allow players to store more aether and reduce the need to refill the flask frequently.
  • Use the flask as an emergency supply when running low on aether during combat or exploration. This can be a lifesaver in difficult situations where aether is critical.
  • Use the flask strategically to avoid unnecessary teleportation costs. By planning teleportation routes and using the flask to top up aether at key locations, players can reduce their teleportation costs and save gil.

Obtaining The Aethertight Flask

Players can obtain the aethertight flask by completing the quest "Where the Sun Don't Shine," which is available in the main scenario at level 50.

FFXIV 3.0 0703 Aether Currents: Dravanian Forelands

The quest requires players to travel to the Dravanian Forelands and complete a series of tasks, culminating in a battle against a powerful enemy.
Upon completing the quest, players will receive the aethertight flask as a reward. Alternatively, players can purchase the flask from vendors in major cities for a relatively low price.

Aethertight Flask In Lore

In the lore of Final Fantasy XIV, the aethertight flask is a relatively new invention, developed by the Alchemists' Guild in response to the depletion of aether in the world. The flask is made of a special material that can store aether without leaking, allowing adventurers to carry a supply of aether with them wherever they go.
The invention of the aethertight flask is seen as a significant milestone in Eorzean history, as it has enabled adventurers to travel farther and explore more dangerous areas than ever before.

People Also Ask

How Do I Refill The Aethertight Flask In Final Fantasy XIV?

To refill the aethertight flask in Final Fantasy XIV, players must find an aetherial node and interact with it.
Aetherial nodes can be found throughout the game world, particularly in areas with high concentrations of aether. Once an aetherial node is found, players can interact with it to fill their flask with aether.

What Is The Maximum Storage Capacity Of The Upgraded Aethertight Flask?

The maximum storage capacity of the upgraded aethertight flask is 9999 units of aether. This is a significant increase from the base capacity of 1000 units.
Upgrading the flask is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, but it is worth it for players who want to take full advantage of the flask's capabilities.

Can The Aethertight Flask Be Used In PvP Combat In Final Fantasy XIV?

The aethertight flask cannot be used in PvP combat in Final Fantasy XIV. This is because PvP combat has its own set of rules and mechanics that do not allow for the use of items like the aethertight flask.
However, the flask is a valuable tool in PvE content, where it can be used to power spells, teleport to different locations, and store aether for emergency use.

Final Words

The aethertight flask is a valuable item in Final Fantasy XIV that allows players to store aether for later use. It has several uses, including powering spells, teleportation, and emergency aether supply.
Obtaining the aethertight flask requires players to complete a few quests as part of the game's main storyline. With the aethertight flask in hand, adventurers can explore Eorzea with the peace of mind that they will always have a supply of aether on hand.
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