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ABC Journalist Names Her Baby Methamphetamine Rules

ABC journalist names her baby Methamphetamine Rules. Explore this surprising story in this article. Learn about the unusual choice, its impact, and the broader conversation it sparked.

Author:Morgan Maverick
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Sep 21, 202338 Shares38K Views
In an extraordinary and highly unusual turn of events, anABC journalist names her baby Methamphetamine Rules. This story combines elements of humor and surprise, raising questions about the boundaries of creative baby names and the legal implications that can arise from unconventional choices.
The central nervous system-affecting substance and opioid methamphetamine was given the experimental name by an Australian journalist for her son. She was astounded to see that the government had accepted the name she had chosen for her child without any additional confirmation. ABC TV included the experimentation as part of a newssegment.

Baby 'Methamphetamine Rules' Name Change Case

The most ridiculous baby name has ever been authorized for a mother's new boy. ABC journalist names her baby Methamphetamine Rules.
The WTFAQ host and ABC journalist Kirsten Drysdale started looking into the names you can legally give your child. WTFAQ is a show that answers all of your burning questions.
The NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages was questioned by the journalist on the subject, but the definition of a "prohibited name" was left undefined.
She therefore made it personal. Drysdale chose to test the name-registry after giving birth to her third child with her husband Chris and gave the baby the name "Methamphetamine Rules."
She rejected the name "Nangs Rule" out of concern that the register staff might not know the colloquial term for nitrous oxide canisters, or "laughing gas," which is frequently used as a party drug.
Drysdale and her husband debated a number of ridiculous names before settling on "Methamphetamines Rules."
She said, "We were just trying to answer a question for our viewers for our new show, What The FAQ, which was just around the rules about what you can and can't call your baby."
Have a look at this WTFAQ episode. The name was approved, much to her horror. Drysdale said to
I don’t know how it slipped through. I’m not sure if someone was overworked, or if it was automated somewhere. Or possibly, maybe they thought Methamphetamine was a Greek name. They haven’t really given us a clear answer.”- Kirsten Drysdale
Undoubtedly, the intern was in charge that day.
Since then, the mother has been informed by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages that the approval for the bold name was a mistake.
Thankfully, Drysdale has finally been able to change the name of her child. She hopes her son, to whom she will eventually have to disclose the truth, inherits the Drysdale sense of humor.
Drysdale has assured the family that her son's real name "is very normal, traditional, and not attached to meth at all" as the family goes through the process of having the name changed.
Drysdale said:
Baby Meth’s real name … I’m not publicly disclosing it, because I don’t want it to be attached to this. It’s a beautiful name and I can tell you has nothing to do with class A drugs.- Kirsten Drysdale
In addition, a representative for NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages told the media outlet that in response to the occurrence, the baby name clearance procedure has been "tightened" to ensure that nothing similar occurs in the future.
The spokeswoman stated:
The Registry has since strengthened its processes in response to this highly unusual event. The vast majority of parents do not choose a name for their newborn baby that is obscene, offensive or contrary to the public interest.
The official standards for names that are forbidden are displayed in an email discussion between a journalist and government officials. It was confirmed that there is "An official working list of prohibited names. This is not a fixed list as context l, including cultural considerations, changes over time. The list of prohibited names is not linked to the birth registration form. The primary category of information on the list relates to official titles, ranks, and combinations thereof."
In Australia, you are not permitted to refer to your child by any formal titles or rankings. In that case, disregard titles like Sir, Captain, Chief, Duke, King, Admiral, Madam, Lady, Queen, Princess, Duchess, etc.
Additionally, avoid using profanity, slurs, symbols, descriptions of sexual actions, or religious terms like "God" or "Christ." Additionally, atheists are not permitted to refer to their child as Lucifer or Satan.
How a registry accepted the baby name X A-Xii chosen by Elon Muskand Grimes still has me scratching my head.

Public Reaction

News of the baby's name quickly spread, and it garnered widespread attention on social media and news outlets. People were both shocked and amused by the audacity of the choice. The name "Methamphetamine Rules" was met with a mix of laughter, disbelief, and concern.
The news experiment has received over 79, 000 views and split social media users. While some people found it funny, many felt the action was demeaning to those who were addicted to meth.
One said, “Hardly surprising if you know how government department processes work."Another wrote, “Please say this is fake."One more said,“This is hecking hilarious."
Meanwhile, a user who didn’t approve of the experiment said, “This is totally disgusting for those families, siblings, sons and daughters who have an addiction. I can’t believe that this was even newsworthy. You should be ashamed."Another agreed, “Think of everyone who is struggling in Australia to keep their kids alive because of meth."
Kirsten Drysdale in her show episode
Kirsten Drysdale in her show episode
In many countries, parents generally have the freedom to choose their child's name, provided it doesn't violate any laws or harm the child's well-being. While unconventional and humorous names are not uncommon, "Methamphetamine Rules" certainly pushed the boundaries of societal norms.
Changing a child's name legally can be a complex and time-consuming process, depending on the jurisdiction. In some cases, it may require a court order. Sarah and John soon found themselves navigating a legal labyrinth to rectify their impulsive decision.

Child's Well-being - A Consideration In Name Changes

One of the key factors considered by courts in name change cases is the child's well-being. The court assesses whether the child's name could be detrimental or harmful in any way. In the case of "Methamphetamine Rules," concerns were raised about potential teasing or stigmatization the child might face as they grow up.

Media Attention - Balancing Humor And Responsibility

As the story gained traction in the media, Sarah and John found themselves at the center of public scrutiny. They had to strike a delicate balance between their initial intent - a humorous joke - and the responsibilities of parenthood. The media's coverage of the situation ranged from sympathetic to critical, reflecting the diversity of public opinion.

Reflections - A Lesson In Responsibility

The case of "Methamphetamine Rules" serves as a thought-provoking example of the delicate balance between personal freedom and responsibility when it comes to naming a child. While humor and creativity are valued traits, parents also bear the responsibility of providing their child with a name that won't cause undue hardship or social challenges.

Impact Of Unusual Baby Names On Children

The choice of a name for a child is a significant decision for parents. It's a label that will accompany the child throughout their life, influencing how they perceive themselves and how they are perceived by others.
While many parents opt for traditional and common names, others embrace creativity and uniqueness by selecting unusual or unconventional names for their offspring. In this exploration, we delve into the impact of unusual baby names on children, considering both the potential benefits and challenges that can arise.
Names hold immense power. They are more than mere labels; they are part of one's identity. A name can shape a person's self-image, influence their confidence, and even affect their life choices. When parents choose an unusual name, they are making a statement, but that statement can have multifaceted effects on their child's life.

The Benefits Of Unusual Names

  • Unique Identity -Unusual names set individuals apart, emphasizing their distinctiveness. This uniqueness can foster a strong sense of identity and self-worth.
  • Memorability -Uncommon names are often more memorable, which can be an advantage in various contexts, from social interactions to professional networking.
  • Creative Expression -Parents who choose unusual names may encourage their children's creativity and independence from an early age, fostering a sense of individuality.

Challenges Of Unusual Names

  • Teasing and Bullying -Children with unusual names may be more susceptible to teasing or bullying, as their names stand out and can be seen as different.
  • Difficulty in Pronunciation -Some unique names may be challenging for others to pronounce correctly. This can lead to frustration and a sense of alienation.
  • Misjudgment -Individuals with unconventional names may be unfairly judged or subjected to stereotypes, as people often make assumptions based on names.

The Role Of Parental Intent

The impact of an unusual name on a child can vary significantly depending on the parents' intent. If the name is chosen thoughtfully and with love, it can reinforce a sense of individuality and uniqueness. However, if the name is selected for shock value or without consideration for the child's future experiences, it can lead to challenges and resentment.
Hands holding baby's feet
Hands holding baby's feet
Parents who choose unique names should be aware of potential challenges and provide guidance to help their children navigate them:
  • Self-Confidence -Encourage your child's self-confidence and pride in their name. Teach them the meaning and significance behind it.
  • Addressing Teasing -Equip your child with strategies to handle teasing or questions about their name. Teach them that differences can be celebrated.
  • Correct Pronunciation -Help your child learn to correct others politely when their name is mispronounced. This empowers them to take ownership of their identity.
  • Respect for Uniqueness- Instill in your child a respect for diversity and uniqueness in all aspects of life, not just in their name.
In some cases, individuals with unusual names may choose to change their names legally. This process typically involves filing a petition and demonstrating valid reasons for the change. The decision to change a name should be made carefully, considering both personal and societal factors.

Famous Examples Of Unusual Names

Unusual names are not exclusive to everyday people; celebritieshave also embraced unconventional naming choices for their children. Names like Apple, North, Blue Ivy, and Moon Unit have become widely recognized. These famous examples illustrate how unusual names can be a blend of creativity, personal expression, and sometimes, controversy.

Cultural And Regional Variations

The perception of what constitutes an unusual name can vary widely across cultures and regions. What might be considered unusual in one culture could be entirely common in another. Cultural influences, traditions, and languages all play a role in naming practices.
The impact of an unusual baby name on a child is a nuanced matter. While such names can foster a sense of individuality and creativity, they can also present challenges in social and professional settings. Parents who choose unconventional names should be thoughtful about their decisions, considering the potential benefits and drawbacks.
Ultimately, a balance between uniqueness and practicality can help ensure that a child's name enhances their identity without becoming a burden. Regardless of the name chosen, it's the love, guidance, and support provided by parents that have the most profound impact on a child's life.


What Were The Concerns About The Child's Well-being With The Name 'Methamphetamine Rules'?

Concerns included potential teasing, stigmatization, and social challenges the child might face due to the unconventional name.

How Did The Media React To The Story?

Media coverage ranged from sympathetic to critical, reflecting public opinion on the situation.

What Factors Do Courts Consider When Granting Name Changes For Children?

Courts assess whether the name could be detrimental or harmful to the child's well-being.

What Lesson Can Be Learned From This Unconventional Naming Story?

The story underscores the importance of balancing personal creativity and humor with the responsibility of providing a child with a name that won't cause undue challenges in their life.


ABC journalist names her baby Methamphetamine Rules. The story of "Methamphetamine Rules" highlights the complexities of naming a child and the legal processes involved in changing a name.
It also underscores the importance of considering the well-being of the child and the potential consequences of unconventional choices. Ultimately, the couple's journey serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that while humor and creativity are important, they must be balanced with a sense of responsibility when it comes to decisions that impact a child's life.
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