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A Man Called Otto Reviews - Should You Watch It Or Not?

What did A Man Called Otto reviews have to say about the Tom Hanks-led dark comedy? The eponymous character of the film is a beloved curmudgeon who, after losing his wife, becomes depressed and suicidal.

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What did A Man Called Otto reviewshave to say about the Tom Hanks-led dark comedy? The eponymous character of the film is a beloved curmudgeon who, after losing his wife, becomes depressed and suicidal.
Otto is preparing to commit himself when a young family arrives into his neighborhood, changing his perspective on life. The 2015 Swedish film with the same name as the book, A Man Called Otto, is an English-language remake of Fredrik Backman's best-selling 2012 novel A Man Called Ove.

What Is The Story A Man Called Otto About?

Otto, the title character in Marc Forster's genial, sincere, but average dramedy "A Man Called Otto," is unable to choose his daily fights, even if his life depended on it.
The elderly man, who lives in an uninteresting suburban community of identical row houses somewhere in the Midwest, is easily irritated by any small slip-up of a stranger. The intensity of his protestations even rivals Larry David's in a typical episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
Otto, who is portrayed by the adored Tom Hanks in a muddled performance that veers between goofy and realistic, is frequently correct in his complaints, which is to his credit. Why, for instance, should he spend money on six feet of rope when he only needed a little more than five?
Why shouldn't he issue warnings to careless motorists who frequently block garage doors or to spoiled neighbors who can't even be bothered to remember to latch a gate or follow simple laws for trash disposal? Or raise a stink when the soulless real estate thugs from the fictitious, brilliantly titled "Dye & Merica" arrive to disrupt the calm in the neighborhood?
However, not everything is as terrible as Otto portrays it to be. And he might be able to afford to use some manners himself, especially when a new, heavily pregnant neighbor pays him a visit and brings him a bowl of home-cooked food.
You already know that Otto hasn't always been this annoying if you've seen Hannes Holm's Oscar-nominated Swedish hit "A Man Called Ove" from 2015, which is neither better nor worse than this middle-of-the-road American remake (yes, not all originals are automatically better).
Forster and nimble screenwriter David Magee reveal that he was socially inept even as a child, but at least kind and approachable, through sparse amounts of sugary and overdone flashbacks. Young Otto (played by the star's own son, Truman Hanks) had an interest in engineering and in understanding out how things worked.
He had a bluntly unstylish side-part haircut that correctly gives off a "nice but unworldly guy" vibe. His chance encounter with the dreamy Sonya (Rachel Keller), who later became his wife and recently died away, is said to have revolutionized his life.
Otto is eager to join his wife on the other side, just like in "Ove," but his repeated suicide attempts are thwarted in scenes that are alternately painfully amusing and just plain awkward.
The above-mentioned new neighbors, Marisol (a bubbly and scene-stealingMariana Trevio, the absolute best thing about the film) and Tommy (Manuel Garcia-Ruflo), who frequently ask for small favors from the grumpy Otto, are the main interruptions of our get-off-my-lawn guy.
There are also other residents in the area, including Malcolm (Mack Bayda), a kind transgender teen who was kicked out of his home by his father, Jimmy (Cameron Britton), a fitness freak, and Rueben (Peter Lawson Jones) and Anita (Juanita Jennings), an old friend of Otto's with whom he is no longer on friendly terms. Not to mention the stray cat that for a while no one seemed to know what to do with.
The enigma is that, at least until the second act of the movie, none of the supporting characters in this story can guess anything about Otto. Instead, everyone else treats Otto with tolerance and acceptance, as if he weren't purposefully being impolite to them at every opportunity.
For instance, it is unclear why Otto's coworkers bother to organize him a retirement party given that it would undoubtedly go unrecognized or why Marisol insists on making sincere efforts to make Otto likeable despite the fact that he consistently rejects them.
Although Otto is suffering from a rare cardiac condition, the story manages to gain some charm when he eventually lets down and begins making all the necessary reparations.
He unintentionally saves someone's life in front of a crowd of unhelpful people who are too focused on their phones before becoming a local hero. Later, he gains further goodwill when he takes in Malcolm and develops a slow but enduring friendship with Marisol, a satisfying plot in an otherwise formulaic novel.

Cast And Characters Of A Man Called Otto

Here is the official summary of A Man Called Otto before we go into the breakdown of the cast and characters: "A Man Called Otto" chronicles the tale of Otto Anderson, a grump who lost his wife and is now without a sense of direction in life.
Otto is prepared to end it all, but his intentions are derailed when a vibrant young family moves in next door, and he meets his match in Marisol's witty personality. She pushes him to reconsider his perspective on things, which results in an odd friendship that completely changes his outlook.
"A Man Called Otto," a touching and humorous tale about love, death, and life, demonstrates how family may occasionally be found in the most unexpected places.

Tom Hanks As Otto Anderson

Otto Anderson, the film's title character and a cranky old guy, is portrayed by Tom Hanks. The widower is grieving the loss of his wife, therefore there is a justification for his gloomy mood. When a family comes living across the street, Otto's life starts to change.
Hanks is undoubtedly one of Hollywood's elite actors, having acted in a wide range of box office successes, including Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, Cast Away, and Apollo 13. For his performances in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, he also received two Academy Awards for Best Actor.
Tom Hanks As Otto Anderson with his cat
Tom Hanks As Otto Anderson with his cat

Mariana Trevino As Marisol

The mother of the family who relocates to the street where Otto lives, Marisol, is portrayed by Mariana Trevino. Only she is able to look past his volatile nature, and with a little perseverance, she starts to bring out the goodness in him.
Over the years, Trevio has made appearances in a number of TV series, including Club de Cuervos and 100 Days to Fall in Love, as well as films like Polvo and Overboard.

A MAN CALLED OTTO - Mariana Trevino as Marisol

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo As Tommy

Tommy, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, is Marisol's quirky but adoring husband who inspires us with his love for both his wife and their two daughters.
Among the films in which Garcia-Rulfo has acted are The Magnificent Seven, Murder on the Orient Express, and 6 Underground.

A MAN CALLED OTTO - Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Tommy

Christiana Montoya As Luna

One of Marisol and Tommy's daughters, Luna is portrayed by Christiana Montoya in the cast of A Man Called Otto. Her interactions with the perpetually cranky Otto create for some endearing and humorous sequences.
Both the drama A Place in the Field and the horror film Spoonful of Sugar from 2022 featured Montoya.
Christiana Montoya with open hair
Christiana Montoya with open hair

Alessandra Perez As Abbie

Abbie, played by Alessandra Perez, is Marisol and Tommy's second child, and like the rest of her family, she contributes to bringing out the best in Otto.
Several animated series, including TOTS and Spidey and His Amazing Friends, have included Perez as a voice actress.
Alessandra Perez as Abbie
Alessandra Perez as Abbie

Truman Hanks As Young Otto

In flashback scenes that depict Otto's relationship with his late wife, Truman Hanks, well known as Tom Hanks' son, plays the younger Otto.
Hanks Jr. makes his acting debut in the movie A Man Called Otto. When asked how it felt to imitate his father, he responded,
Truman Hanks as Young Otto
Truman Hanks as Young Otto

Rachel Keller As Sonya

Sonya is portrayed by Rachel Keller in the cast of A Man Called Otto. In the flashback scenes, Keller and Truman Hanks play the husband and wife of the title character, Sonya.
Kelly has gotten to play recurrent characters in a number of TV shows, including Legion, the Fargo TV series, Tokyo Vice, and Dirty John: Season 2.
Rachel Keller as Sonya
Rachel Keller as Sonya


Check out these A Man Called Otto reviews shared on IMDb:
Chevolek says:
Based on the swedish movie "En man som heter Ove (A Man Called Ove)" from 2015. This movie is almost an exact replica of the original. Almost same scenes, dialogs. For some reason, U. S. remakes of European movies are made almost identical to the original.
Maybe that is an European clause to be able to make a remake. Still, Tom Hanks does what he does best: Entertain. And the supporting cast such as Mexican actress Mariana Treviño and Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo do a great job, too.
Especially Mariana, which even steals some of the scenes with her acting.One of the few remakes that are enjoyable to watch.
UniqueParticle says;
I absolutely loved A Man Called Otto I don't know about the original but this movie is a masterpiece! I'll never understand people that don't appreciate new visions of cinema especially ones that are spectacular like this.
Regardless Tom Hanks was electrifying in this and Marc Forster directed this so well every scene was engagingly heartwarming, comedic, somber, and very entertaining!
The audience I saw with enjoyed quite a bit I'm not sure why others didn't as much. My review might get mixed vibes but I would like to say I'm painfully lonely even though I'm 30 I have autism I'm not as lucky as most maybe one day it'll be different. Phenomenal film no matter what.
Andyge says:
Good grief there are some really grumpy reviewers out there. This is the perfect vehicle for Tom Hanks and he makes the most of the opportunity. ( I note that he and Rita Wilson are producers ).
Yes it is a remake of a classic Swedish movie but this plays out to a much larger audience while retaining the same sentiments. Well written and acted this is great entertainmentmoving seamlessly from comedy to drama and ultimately packs an emotional punch that makes it memorable and pushes it into one of the best movies of the year.
A great reminder of why Tom Hanks has been at the top for so long while providing a break out supporting role for Mariano Trevino who is genuinely both very funnyand very moving. Can I also highlight the soundtrack ... especially the Kate Bush single . Highly recommended .

People Also Ask

Who Is Playing A Man Called Otto?

Tom Hanks is playing the lead in "A Man Called Otto".

Who Are The Characters In Otto?

  • Tom Hanks as Otto Anderson.
  • Mack Bayda as Malcolm.
  • Mariana Treviño as Marisol.
  • Rachel Keller as Sonya.
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Tommy.
  • Cameron Britton as Jimmy.

Where Did They Film A Man Called Otto?

Marc Forster, the director, decided to film the majority of the narrative on location in Pittsburgh, in large part due to recommendations from other filmmakers regarding the city's culture.


The most valuable message in Forster's adaption, however, is about the little victories of regular people who work together as a cohesive society to combat the crimes of faceless corporations.
In comparison to "About Schmidt" and "I, Daniel Blake," two movies that occasionally hit comparable themes, "A Man Called Otto" isn't quite as cerebral or as socially sensitive as mentioned in the A Man Called Otto reviews by viewers. However, it still makes for a healthy crowd-pleaser at your next family get-together.
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