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A Homesick Camel Trekked More Than 60 Mile And Set Out On A Journey Across The Gobi Desert To Track Down Its Previous Owner

After being sold to another family more than 100 kilometers away, a devoted camel embarked on a solitary journey to reclaim its former home. When the aged animal was ultimately reunited with its former owner, it was tired and covered in wounds.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
Mar 15, 2022
After being sold to another family more than 100 kilometers away, a homesick camel trekked more than 60 mileembarked on a solitary journey to reclaim its former home. When the aged animal was ultimately reunited with its former owner, it was tired and covered in wounds.
"They are very interesting creatures. They can recognize different humans and have different personalities. And can be very gentile in relation to their size."
-Gaijin_Monster (Reddit)

Do Camels Never Forget?

Camels have a much greater capacity for thought and memory than humans. "Once a camel has been injured, he will never forget it and will go out of his way to locate you. And if he has the opportunity, he will murder you."

The Desert's Most Loyal Partner

The desert is one of the most unfriendly environments for plant and animal life, but camels have successfully adapted to their desert habitat by developing unusual fatty deposits on their backs known as "humps." Bactrian camels are the most devoted companions for caravans on the Silk Road, especially while they are traversing deserts.
The Badain Jaran Desert, which is located in northern China's Inner Mongolia, has an area of 49,000 square kilometers and is the world's largest desert. Mountains are formed by the buildup of sand, however, in the desert, the fine grains are carried away by the powerful winds, causing the mountains to erode continuously. Despite the fact that it is just around 500 meters higher than the surrounding area, it is sufficient to earn the title of "the highest sand mountains in the world."
These constantly shifting mountains make it difficult for anyone traveling through the desert, but humans gradually domesticated camels, making them the most reliable mode of transportation in the desert. It is believed that Bactrian camels were initially ridden in northeast Afghanistan or southwestern Turkestan around 2500 BC and that the first camel saddles arose around 1200 BC.
We are all aware that camels are not only immune to hunger and thirst, but they are also resistant to extreme heat and cold. But not everyone knows that their humps are storage areas for fat instead of water. According to the findings of a study, 9.3 grams of hump fat produces 1.13 grams of water. When there is a scarcity of food and water, the camel's hump fat releases water and energy, allowing it to live in the harsh desert environment.
There are hundreds of people who herd sheep to make a living in the enormous Badain Jaran Desert. Wolves, on the other hand, are the most serious threat to their camels. Herdsmen have lost approximately 100 free-range camels over the course of three years.
Despite the fact that China is one of the primary habitats for Bactrian camels, wild Bactrian camels, and domesticated Bactrian camels are regarded to be separate species, both in terms of genetic makeup and behavior. Bactrian camels in the wild are in grave danger of extinction.
An owner is patting the head of its camel
An owner is patting the head of its camel

Are Camels Faithful

A homesick camel trekked more than 60 mile that had been sold to a herdsman who was rearing camels in October of the previous year by its previous owners. After eight months, though, the camel became dissatisfied with its new surroundings and fled.
According to local media, the homesick camel embarked on a solitary journey to track down its old owners on June 27. After navigating across razor-sharp fences and bustling roadways, he was covered in scars.
After seven days on the trail, a local herdsman came across the injured camel and brought him back to his home while searching for the camel's owner. It took him some time to locate the camel's most recent owner, but when the former proprietor learned about the camel's terrible journey, they chose to purchase the animal back. They came to an agreement on exchanging a three-year-old female camel for the animal that was missing its mother.
The camel's previous owners have stated that they intend to keep it and let it roam freely outdoors. "We're not going to do anything about it. I would not be willing to sell it for anything."
A video of the incident has gone popular on Chinese social media platforms, and the matter is being investigated. The camel's loyalty moved many people on the internet. According to one user, "Animals are able to comprehend and communicate with people on a deep level. If you treat them nicely, they will remember you and appreciate you." Another person replied, "I'm in tears because of what you've said. Animals are very clean in their nature. Please take careful care of it from here on out. Thanks!"
Some folks, on the other hand, were concerned about the three-year-old female camel, which was present. "What has she done to earn this treatment? Will she run all the way back to her house as well," a concerned internet person inquired.
A camel is standing with its owners in a desert
A camel is standing with its owners in a desert
"From what I’ve read about camels: you don’t really own them, they just happen to be going in the direction you need to be headed in."
-Accomplished_Toe1978 (Reddit)


It's the back of a homesick camel trekked more than 60 mile. As you may be aware, it was given the nickname "ship of the desert" for its capacity to traverse deserts like it was nothing!
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