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Young Boy Buys Painting For $2 At Junk Auction Unaware Of Its Real Value

A young boy buys painting for $2 at junk auction unaware of its real value. But, he got the best surprise. Keep reading to learn more.

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A young boy buys painting for $2 at junk auction unaware of its real value. But, he got the best surprise. Keep reading to learn more.
Keeping in mind the adage, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," That was never more true than in the case of this 2014 incident. Furthermore, the only person who witnessed it firsthand was a young boy.
The incident occurred in New Jersey on an episode of Antiques Roadshow when an unidentified boy presented a painting to the program. The show's host and licensed auctioneer, David Weiss, offered to determine the painting's genuine worth.
Needless to say, the child was absolutely startled when Weiss revealed his true value to him. Actually, we were surprised as well, and we bet you might be too. The boy had explained how he acquired that painting in the Antiques Roadshow segment.

Albert Neuhuys Watercolor | Richmond, Hour 1 Preview

He claimed that he enjoyed going to nearby auctions and purchasing vintage cutlery or artwork that he could then resell for a profit. So, that young boy buys painting for $2 at junk auction unaware of its real value.
He was therefore there at one of these auctions with his father when the boy was drawn to the painting. A woman and her child were depicted in the picture, each seated in a chair next to the other.
His father, however, did not consider the artwork to be particularly valuable. But the young boy's persistence was successful. Finally, he was able to purchase it for just $2.
It was now Weiss' chance to deliver his judgment to the viewers on Antiques Roadshow. He began by stating that the painting was most likely from as early as 1844.
He made a painting symbol visible. Weiss discovered that Albert Neuhuys was the painter behind it. One of the best-known Dutch artists of the 19th century was Neuhuys.

The Painting's Final Evaluation

Weiss asked the youngster one last question after finishing his examination of the painting: What did he think the painting was worth?
The young man replied with confidence, "$150." Weiss concurred with the prediction. He was of the opinion that the painting was actually worth far more than the child had thought.
Weiss revealed that paintings like this one typically fetch between $1000 and $1500 when they are offered for auction as the final twist in the Antiques Roadshow episode.
Weiss determined that this particular picture was worth $1498 in his final appraisal. The boy was then told by Weiss that the painting was a flawless illustration of that time's fashion.
During that time, artists typically preferred to paint indoor scenes in watercolor that featured ladies sitting next to their children.
The boy was stunned by Weiss' decision yet pleased at the same time. When Weiss questioned him about his views, he was only able to respond that he believes he will be wealthy. Weiss was pleased to witness the boy's response in turn.
He praised him and gave him one last slap on the back. He claimed that the child would succeed financially if he made more wise purchases like this. But the young man aspired to work as an art dealer someday.
The boy certainly had a great beginning to that journey! He should be doing well and getting even more knowledgeable, we hope. However, let us know what you think about $2 becomes $1500! Indeed, from trash to treasure.

Interesting Facts About Antiques Roadshow

  • At least in certain cases: More than 22,000 people registered for tickets when the program came to a convention center in Santa Clara, California in 2014, but less than 50, or around 0.2% of those who applied, actually got on the show that aired.
  • On the opposite side of the water, Roadshow debuted in 1979. It has only been available in America since 1997.
  • A collection of autographs from each member of the Presidential Cabinet, from George Washington to Franklin D. Roosevelt, was one of the most valuable collections ever valued at a Roadshow event. After learning that the signatures could fetch a million dollars, the owner decided against appearing on television. Exactly right!
  • Early 20th-century prints of Jesus are among the items auctioneer Nicholas D. "Nicho" Lowry encounters most frequently from visitors, the expert told. So, he explained, "you have something that is legitimately at least 100 years old, but every single family had one." At the end of the 19th century, many family bibles were printed and sold in the United States. These bibles are shown in the presentation.
  • Lowry told that he and other antique experts are "appropriately and militantly" prohibited from making offers on artefacts that have been evaluated in order to prevent a conflict of interest. Even the distribution of business cards is prohibited.
  • After displaying a collection of 18th-century Chinese cups made from rhinoceros horns, a guy from Oklahoma broke the record in 2011. According to appraiser Lark Mason, the five cups might fetch between $1 and $1.5 million at auction. The item is simply described as "a world-famous artifact owned by a sporting institution" by the producers.
  • The show can arrange for a local police officer to escort homeowners who discoverthey've struck the jackpot with antiques. In the event that a contestant feels uneasy leaving the program knowing that everyone else knows how much their prize is worth, security personnel can even help them get to their car for minor prizes.
  • A retired New Jersey woman sold the Seymour mahogany card table at Sotheby's for almost half a million dollars after she appeared on Roadshow with her thrift store find.

Top 10 Incredible Finds on Antiques Roadshow

People Also Ask

How Much Was The Painting Worth That The Boy Bought For $2?

The original price of that painting was a thousand dollars and more. The boy estimated that his painting would be worth more than $150 when David asked him how much he believed it would be valued at auction today. But it turns out he was greatly mistaken. The Neuhuys picture is actually worth between $1,000 and $1,500! The young boy's expression upon hearing the newsspeaks for itself.

What Is The Oldest Item On Antiques Roadshow?

The oldest object ever to be featured on Antiques Roadshow astounded the expert. A woman presented a little vase dating back to 100 BC.

What Is The Most Expensive Antiques Roadshow Find?

In 2004, when it was shown on the US Antiques Roadshow in St. Paul, Minnesota, a gold Patek Philippe pocket watch from the 20th century was given an initial value of $250,000.


This youngster believes he will become wealthy by purchasing and selling antiques, and based on his most recent discoveries, I believe he has a promising future. That young boy buys painting for $2 at junk auction unaware of its real value.
The young man visits the Antiques Roadshow with a painting he found and bought for only $2 to see whether it has any value. He tells David Weiss, the appraiser for Antiques Roadshow, that he likes to purchase and sell glass, sterling silver, and other treasures.
The little boy's taste for antiques impresses David, who inquires as to how he came upon the picture. The young child eagerly describes how he and his father were at a garbage sale when they came across the painting, then they decided to buy it without knowing that it could worth 1K-1.5K dollars.
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