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Woman Gone Hysterical Over Major Spelling Error In Tattoo

Witness a woman gone hysterical over a major spelling error in tattoo. A comedic twist on tattoo tales that's both unexpected and delightfully amusing!

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Oct 06, 2023324 Shares35.9K Views
In an incident where a woman gone hysterical over a major spelling error in tattoo, many were reminded of the significance and permanence of body ink. The very basis of getting a tattoo is that it’s something permanent. With such a long-lasting commitment etched on one's skin, one would naturally anticipate utmost precision. You'd think that with such a weighty commitment, the smallest of details would be diligently double-checked.
Most would assume that the duty of a tattoo artist is to deliver a flawless inking. However, sometimes, despite the expectations and high stakes, things don’t go as planned, leading to unexpected yet hysterical results.

A Permanent 'Typo'

In a turn of events that seems straight out of a comedy sketch, one woman took to TikTok to showcase her ‘new tattoo’. The intent was to get the words ‘EVERYTHING’S FINE’ inscribed on the side of her hand. Yet, thanks to a seemingly minuscule oversight, she was left with ‘EVERTHING’S FINE’. Instead of responding with frustration, the recipient found the entire situation uproariously funny.
The TikTok clip captures her uncontrollable laughter as she reassures the visibly embarrassed artist, saying: “This is the greatest moment of my life.” With the artist staring in disbelief at the tattoo and mumbling, “Are you f**king joking?”, she continues laughing, repeating the line, “Everthin’s fine.” With tearful eyes from all the giggling, she tells the artist, “It’s okay, everthin’s fine.”
Users watching the video couldn’t contain their laughter either. Comments flooded in with sentiments like, “Poor guy is sooo confused” and “That phrase will haunt him.” Others jumped in, adding a comedic spin with: “In Martin Freeman voice ‘it was this moment he realised, everything was not fine’.” Yet another user chimed in: “It’s so much better that way tho.”
Tattoo of the woman who gone hysterical after wrong tattoo spelling.
Tattoo of the woman who gone hysterical after wrong tattoo spelling.
Drawing attention to the missing ‘Y’, a commenter humorously stated: “Everthings fine… you just gotta have an accent.” While others threw in solutions, suggesting: “Wait but like a little ^ and a Y slanted above would actually be so cute.”
But the story doesn't end there.
The tattoo artist, in a subsequent video, clarified the aftermath of the viral typo. He stated: "This s*** is going to happen to every tattoo artist at some point in their career. I was unlucky enough that it went viral and got eight million views in 36 hours but I was also lucky enough that my client liked it better.”
Explaining the serendipitous nature of the incident, he further added, “It worked out in the sense that the tattoo was supposed to be a reference to the fact st’s always fked up. Funny enough, the tattoo got f**ked up, but ended up being better that way.”


In a world where mistakescan sometimes lead to major meltdowns and a culture that often demands perfection, it’s incredibly refreshing to witness a situation where a mere slip-up led to shared laughter and light-heartedness.
Amid the daily stresses and challenges we all face, this unexpected tattoo tale serves as a quirky, yet poignant reminder that sometimes, in life's unpredictable journey, "everthin’s fine" – even when it's not quite what you anticipated, designed, or meticulously planned for.
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