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TikTok ‘Naked Challenge’ Is Going Viral During Lockdown

I'm relieved that this current TikTok lockdown challenge has folks making their own fun and enjoyment at home rather than going out foolishly licking stuff in public - and it's also quite hilarious.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Jan 09, 202239 Shares1.1K Views
I'm relieved that this current TikTok lockdown challenge has folks making their own fun and enjoyment at home rather than going out foolishly licking stuff in public - and it's also quite hilarious.
Rather than taking to the streets and public places to purposefully try and spread coronavirus this new challenge sees users stripping off starkers to surprise their partners while they unsuspectingly carry on working from home or entertaining themselves otherwise.
Of course, this is a test for even the strongest of relationships and it doesn’t take long to become sick of each other that’s for sure so, what better way to have a laugh or encourage a bit of nookie than strutting around in your birthday suit.
This is one of my favourites:
Ok I’m gonna make a thread of them for people who don’t have TikTok because they are all so cute!!!
— Katie (@WizzKhaleesi) March 28, 2020
The first clip was shared by @caseycakez_ on TikTok and shows her guy literally tripping over himself whilst hastily stripping off his top after his girlfriend stalked into the room naked where he was casually playing video games.
I think he was pretty overcome by the scene in front of him, wouldn’t you say?
— Katie (@WizzKhaleesi) March 28, 2020
Another user, @Christian. Tori shared her fiancé’s priceless reaction after she chucked her towel over his head – baring all whilst he too played video games online.
Do men do anything else?!
Again, hubby-to-be looks impressed by what he sees and chucks down his headset running towards his naked missus.
Reports have suggested we could well see a mini baby boom in 9 months’ time if we all end up doing bits.
The challenge has since gone viral with the likes of MIC’s Jamie Liang jumping on the bandwagon to surprise his girlfriend, Sophie Habboo – but she just ended up laughing at his manhood.
Sophie shared her reaction on Insta captioning it: “Do any other girls think the same…”.
Twitter users have shared their thoughts on the reaction of men when confronted with a naked woman saying: “Lol men are so cheap”.
Whilst another added: “The guy’s reactions on here, priceless. Pure gold”.
Another guy attempted to surprise his girlfriend – only to end up surprising the s*** out of her friends too.
“Walking in naked” challenge failed 😂 Awks.
And if you’re single, well….
When I see #nakedchallenge and I am still single — عاصمم 🖤 (@qvsim21) March 30, 2020
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