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Real Moms Correct TikTok Star Alix Earle On 'Mom At School Pickup' Look

Explore how real moms correct TikTok star Alix Earle on 'mom at school pickup' look she shared on social media, offering a candid view of motherhood versus social media portrayals.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Nov 16, 20237.3K Shares208.8K Views
In the world of social media, where perceptions often outweigh reality, real moms correct TikTok star Alix Earle on 'mom at school pickup' look that she shared on social media, sparking an unexpected yet insightful discourse. The TikTok star and beauty influencer, Alix Earle, is renowned for her "Get Ready With Me" (GRWM) tutorials. As a 22-year-old University of Miami graduate, she recently showcased what she imagined to be a typical 'mom at school pickup' outfit.
This portrayal, however, was met with a wave of responses from actual mothers, eager to provide a reality check and correct her fashion interpretation. These real moms brought to light the contrast between Earle's glamorized view and the practical, often less polished, realities of daily motherhood attire.

TikTok Star's "Mom At School Pickup" Outfit Sparks Reactions

In a lighthearted TikTok video, Alix Earle, whose boyfriend, Braxton Berrios, plays as a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, invited fans to observe her outfit selection process for a Dolphins game. Earle's choice—an orange bodysuit, distressed denim shorts, white heels, a tiny Jimmy Choo bag, and a Dolphins cap—was described by her as resembling "a mom picking up her kids from school." This remark triggered a wave of responses from mothers on TikTok, each humorously pointing out the gap between Earle's glamorous depiction and the reality of motherhood.
Cassidy Montalvo, a mother with a toddler, responded by stitching Earle's video and humorously listing the essential 'mom items' absent from Earle's outfit, including a backpack full of snacks, a water bottle, a jacket, and a cold cup of coffee. Montalvo's playful critique highlighted the often overlooked, practical aspects of a mother's daily attire. She stated,
So you’re missing a few things ... The hat you got right. You are forgetting the backpack full of snacks that your kid liked yesterday but hates today. The water bottle that they will leave at school, inevitably. The jacket they’ll refuse to wear even though it's below 30 outside ... and a cold cup of coffee. There. You need more props and then you’ll be set.- Cassidy Montalvo
Another mother, Nicki Maher from Massachusetts, shared her take on the subject. Maher, 46, contrasted her own 'hot mess' school pickup look—characterized by hoodies, pajama bottoms, and messy buns—with Earle's more polished appearance. Maher's candid admission to TODAY about her real-life mom attire underlines the often unglamorous, yet authentic, side of motherhood. Nicki stated,
You’ll see me doing pickup in a hoodie with no bra … pajama bottoms and my bun.- Nicki Maher
Mari Ebert also joined in, laughing at the thought of her children not recognizing her if she were to adopt Earle's fashionable ensemble for school pickup. Ebert's own go-to outfit for such occasions includes comfortable pants, T-shirts, Crocs, and is often "bra optional," showcasing the practicality and comfort that real moms prioritize in their daily lives.
The conversation extended to Earle's followers, who playfully ribbed her in the comments section of her TikTok video. One user expressed their eagerness to see Earle stitch the video in the future, wearing a sweatshirt unwashed for days, a common scenario for many parents. Another comment humorously pointed out the disparity between the non-mom's plan for motherhood and the actual experience.


This exchange between Alix Earle and the community of mothers on TikTok serves as a light-hearted reminder of the differences between social media's portrayal of life and the often less glamorous, but equally important, realities of everyday experiences. It underscores the fact that motherhood, far from the curated images of social media, is a journey filled with unexpected challenges, practical attire, and a sense of humor to embrace it all.
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