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BetB2B: Online Casino, Turnkey Bookmaker

According to various sources, the gambling industry will undergo major changes in 2023. It is expected that the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR, metaversive projects will take the industry to an unprecedented level. This will increase the audience and conversion.

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According to various sources, the gambling industry will undergo major changes in 2023. It is expected that the use of innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR, metaversive projects will take the industry to an unprecedented level. This will increase the audience and conversion.
BetB2B experts expect that the globalgambling entertainmentmarket will show the most rapid growth in the coming years (from 2023 to 2029).
In the US gambling is very popular. The income of the gambling industry reached $53 billion as early as 2021. In addition, about 85% of Americans have dealt with gambling entertainment at least once in their lives.
Thus, sports bettingbecomes a national entertainment during major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.
One of the biggest differences between a mediocre and a good online casinois the innovative software. The more innovations and innovations are implemented on the platform, the more successful it will be.
Gambling is a highly competitive area that cannot be profitably entered without qualified IT specialists at their disposal who create a high-quality online product. BetB2B casinoplatform is one of the best companies on the market that implements many turnkey business solutions.
The company has been developing and implementing innovative software for bet resources and online casinos for over 12 years. Products created by BetB2B are delivered as solutions (Sportsbook) or complex (Turnkey Solution).

BetB2B: Benefits For The Economy And The Market

BetB2B provide services and products to other companies and not to individual consumers or players. The activity of the company contributes to the development of parallel areas:
  • Innovation: BetB2B is constantly innovating to provide new services and products to its customers. These innovations drive the industry forward and contribute to the overall growth of the market and the economy.
Bet-b2b is actively engaged in research and development, which leads to the creation of new technologies and innovative solutions. These technologies can be applied in other areas, such as online trading or the financial industry.
  • Development of digital platforms. Bet-b2b offers its customers digital platforms for online betting/gambling that can be used in other areas such as live sports or online gaming.
  • Industry development: BetB2B works closely with its customers to understand their needs and develop customized solutions. Such cooperation leads to the development of new and innovative products, which benefits the entire gambling industry.
  • Improving Regulatory Compliance: BetB2B provides services and products that comply with industry regulations. This ensures that the industry operates within the legal framework necessary for its growth and sustainability.

BetB2B Betting Platform: Business Solutions

The company has a good selection of industry products, sufficient staff qualifications and experience to create flagship online casinos and bet platforms. A team of 300+ people focuses on the B2B segment, and has a sufficient level of expertise so that 100+ clients with millions of coverages are leaders at the regional level.
Distinctive Advantages
Distinctive Advantages
To speed up the process and simplify the task, customers are invited to purchase the following solutions:
  • Retail Solution BetB2B is a working solution for land-based bookmakers and online resources. Thanks to an intuitive interface, as well as automation, it will not be difficult to understand the features of the product.
  • Spotsbook iFrame BetB2B – API integration for the platform of the international operator. Ideal for companies that have a ready-made platform and want to improve it. Possibility to organize bets on 182 sports.
  • Turnkey Solution BetB2Bis a turnkey platform. It will be the best option for a business that has already received a license and also has a legal and payment infrastructure.
Each client gets access to professional technical support throughout the entire period, and not just the development and launch stages. BetB2B provides a wide range of solutions to improve the business processes of its clients, helping them grow and develop in the gambling industry.

BetB2B Casino Platform – Modern Tools And Technologies

The company offers a wide range of services, including the development and integration of software, the creation and launch of sites for online betting, and also analyzes existing casinos or bookmakers to improve their work. uses modern technologies and tools to ensure the safety and reliability of its products. They are used to process transactions, protect user data and prevent fraud.
The company is also actively engaged in research and development in the field of online betting/gambling to continuously improve its products and services. It does not stand still to guarantee its customers access to the most advanced technologies.
BetB2B betting platform offers its customers a wide range of sports events and sports for betting, as well as various types of bets, including live betting and eSports. The company is constantly expanding its product line to meet the needs of its customers.
In addition, Bet-b2b provides its customers with high quality technical support 24/7. A team of specialists is always ready to help their customers in case of problems or questions.
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