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Five New Titles To Try With Your Gaming Club

MMO games have changed the nature and direction of the gaming industry as a whole. Today, most players who prefer competitive games (from Dota 2 to CS: GO) are likely to find themselves pitted against dozens of strangers while also possibly working on a large team.

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Feb 01, 202314 Shares670 Views
MMO games have changed the nature and direction of the gaming industry as a whole. Today, most players who prefer competitive games (from Dota 2 to CS: GO) are likely to find themselves pitted against dozens of strangers while also possibly working on a large team. In other words, many video games have a mode that allows for massive multiplayer games—and many gamers now expect this.
Each type of multiplayer game offers a new challenge. LoL and other MOBAsrequire players to work on highly specialized teams. FPS shooters like CoD are a bit more dynamic, offering players single-player or multiplayer modes. In the case of CoD, the last release offered so many multiplayer options that future expansions aren’t even expected this year.
All this emphasis on multiplayer options means that gamers today probably have their own club or community. They’re likely eager to play with their favorite virtual friends to tackle new challenges. While it’s easy to get stuck in a routine with a certain title, it’s also rewarding to branch out and try new multiplayer games.
If you’re feeling in a rut with your gaming club, then consider tackling one of the titles mentioned below. All are highly regarded multiplayer games that offer flexibility for virtual players logging on from remote locations.

Poker (Home Games)

For years, PokerStars has been one of the world’s leading online poker platforms. Given the popularity of online table games and tournaments, Texas Hold ’em and Omaha poker, to name a few variations, probably need little introduction. But did you know that you can organize private table games online with the Home Games platform?
This allows you to bring in your own communitywhen you want to play, regardless of how far away your poker club members live. It’s a hassle-free way to bring the magic of basement poker straight into your living room—and it’ll challenge your gaming crew to get those mental gears moving.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Online poker offers a new format for gamers to sink their teeth into—one that involves probabilities, hand rankings, and possibly some bluffing. But if you’re more interested in a blast of nostalgia, then dive into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. This brand new release (2022) draws on the original TMNT visual style from its arcade and home console era—as well as its voice actors.
The title was designed with its multiplayer mode in mind. The side-scrolling game includes action brawl sequences that allow players to inhabit the four ninja turtles, April O’Neil, and even Master Splinter.


Hearthstone is a digital collectible card game that builds off the popularity of the World of Warcraft franchise. While the most popular gaming mode is a faceoff between two players, developers introduced a Mercenaries mode back in 2021. This lets players face off in a party-based combat system.
The system allows players to form ‘minion villages’ where they’ll pool their resources and power before battling one another. Like poker, Hearthstone switches up the standard fare by incorporating slower turn-based strategy. In other words, it’s a highly cerebral game.

Among Us

You’ve probably heard of Among Us in the last year or so. The game is a digital form of ‘mafia’ and similar party games, which requires players to take on one of two roles and then figure out which of their Crewmates are actually Impostors.
If the game sounds simple, that’s because it is. And while many competitive gamers have avoided the title, it’s definitely worth playing. Best of all, the game is available for cross-platform play, which means you can bring on gamer friends who might be barred from multiplayer sessions because they use a different platform.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Unlike the other titles listed here, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is available only on the Nintendo Switch. As such, it won’t be a good fit for all gaming communities—especially the more niche groups that stick to PC titles. However, the game has such developed multiplayer offerings that it’s worth mentioning just in case you have an extra Switch lying around. One of the coolest is its regional race mode, which pits players against other virtual gamers located near them geographically.
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