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Man Puzzled How To Get Into 'Alice In Wonderland' House

Follow the story of a man puzzled how to get into 'Alice in Wonderland' house, sparking social media debate over this architectural curiosity.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Nov 07, 20239.4K Shares129.3K Views
In a curious incident that captured the imagination of social media users, a man puzzled how to get into 'Alice in Wonderland' house found himself at the center of an architectural mystery. Perched above a local shop, the flat's entrance appeared to defy logic, prompting a lively debate on how one might access such a house.
A man named Stefan recently came across a peculiar sight that left him scratching his head - a flat situated directly above a shop that seemed to have no clear entrance. The building's design was so confusing that Stefan likened it to something out of 'Alice in Wonderland,' sparking intrigue and bemusement among the online community.
Located on the side of a shop that stretches far back, the residential part of the building presents an odd scene with two doors that seem to open right into the shop's shelves. This unusual setup caught Stefan's eye, prompting him to take his musings to TikTok, where he shared his bemusement with the world.
Stefan's video showcases the building's facade with the shop and the mysterious doors in question. "Right, how does this house work?" he asks in the video.
The dubbed 'Alice In Wonderland' House because people can't figure out where the entrance is.
The dubbed 'Alice In Wonderland' House because people can't figure out where the entrance is.
"We've got two houses there, but the shop is here and the shop goes all the way back there. So, when they go through their house door, where the hell are they going?" This clip, simple in its questioning of architectural logic, quickly resonated with viewers.

The Mystery Of The 'Alice In Wonderland' House

The riddle of the 'Alice in Wonderland' house, as it became known, sparked a flurry of comments and theories. Some TikTok users were quick to point out the obvious - it's likely not as complicated as it seems. One commenter suggested, "It doesn't take a genius," implying that the answer is straightforward. Another viewer speculated, "It's probably a maisonette. So they have stairs up to the top floor."
Echoing this sentiment, another commenter agreed that the residents probably have a staircase just inside the door that leads up to their flat. The general consensus seemed to be that the entrance to the flat must include a turn or staircase that directs tenants away from the shop below and into their private living space, not through a magical portal as the 'Alice in Wonderland' reference might suggest.
The idea of knocking on the door to solve the mystery was floated around but quickly dismissed as an awkward overstep of boundaries. Curiosity, it seems, has its limits in the realm of social etiquette.
Since Stefan's post went viral about a day ago, it has struck a chord with the digital audience, amassing nearly 25,000 likes and over a thousand comments. Users have engaged with the mystery, some jokingly pondering the importance of such questions in the grand scheme of things.

Final Thoughts

While the building's design is likely nothing more than an interesting quirk of urban architecture, the TikTok video has captured the imagination of thousands, leaving many to wonder about the day-to-day quirks that go unnoticed in our environments. Whether Stefan's video will lead to a definitive explanation or simply remain an amusing anecdote is yet to be seen. For now, the 'Alice in Wonderland' house remains a charming little mystery in the vastness of the internet.
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