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Local Authority Ban Inflatable Sex Dolls And Penises At Hen And Stag Parties

Due to its cheap flights and lively nightlife, the Spanish city has become a popular tourist destination. So, hen and stag parties are one of the activities that are good to initiate in this place. However, local authorities ban inflatable sex dolls and penises at hen and stag parties.

Author:Morgan Maverick
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Due to its cheap flights and lively nightlife, the Spanish city of Málaga has become a popular tourist destination. So, hen and stag parties are one of the activities that are good to initiate in this place. However, local authorities ban inflatable sexdolls and penises at hen and stag parties.
A hen and stag party is a celebration thrown for a person who is about to marry someone. A hen party is for women only, usually for a woman before she gets married. Stag parties, on the other hand, are for men. Brits call a bachelor party a stag party.
The ban happens in Spain, particularly in Malaga. Málaga is a port city on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, famed for its high-rise hotels and resorts that rise from yellow-sand beaches. The port city might face £650 or $764 fines if they violate the harsh new restrictions enacted to crack down on misbehaving stags and hens.
Mayor Francisco de la Torre has heard their concerns and told them that the police will first warn tourists who break the rules before giving them fines if they don't listen. People who bring these things out in public could be fined, which is the same thing that happens when people are caught bathing in fountains, doing tricks on bikes or skateboards in public places, or doing vandalism.
But that's not the only thing that could happen on a hen or stag weekend. Fines could go up to €1,500 ($1,764) if the person breaking the law is with a minor (anyone under 18 in Spain), a disabled person, or if it happens in front of a school. The city government is making these changes because there has been an increase in bad behavior, which has been linked to rowdy hen and stag parties.

How To Make A Hen Party Enjoyable?

A hen party is a celebration before a wedding. Our American sisters call it a "hen do," "hen weekend," or "bachelorette party." The bride and her closest friends go away for a long weekend to celebrate the wedding.
Most of the time, the maid of honor plans the hen party. The group usually goes to a different place, either in the UK or abroad, and does a number of activities before going out at night.
Some of the most popular things they do for hen parties are cocktail making, spa days, afternoon tea, escape rooms, dance classes, and many more. There are numerous ways to make a hen party memorable! You may want to take note of the following tips for a hen party:
  • Take the bride to a beautiful location!
  • Include some incredible activities that she has never experienced before.
  • Decorate your lodgings.
  • Set up a surprise for the bride!
  • Play our amusing Mr. & Mrs. Game.
  • Dress to impress!
  • Throw a mini-festival for the bride!

Hilarious Games For Stag Party

In America, Britain, and Ireland, it is common for the stag party to take place somewhere else. People like to party in places like Las Vegas, London, Budapest, and Prague. But a party without games doesn't make any sense at all. Stag party games are what make a good stag party great.

Beer Pong

For this game, you'll need 20 cups, a long table, at least two ping-pong balls, and beer or another drink of your choice. Two teams are made out of the group. At each end of the table, the cups should be set up in a pyramid shape, and then about half of each cup should be filled with beer.
Then, each team takes turns throwing a ping-pong ball into the cups on the other end of the table. Whenever they score, the other team has to take the cup and drink the beer in it. The team that still has cups at the end of the game is the winner.

Drunk Jenga

A Jenga and a marker pen are required for this game. Before the stag, write a series of dares on the Jenga tower's bricks. Every time someone pulls a block, they must complete the task written on it, regardless of where they are or how difficult it may be.
If you knock over the tower, you must drink, which could be a blessing in disguise depending on how savage you've been with the forfeits on the bricks.

Final Thoughts

The new law is said to go into effect in early 2023, so if you're going on a girls' or guys' trip next summer, you might want to double-check your packing list. The city says that the new laws are meant to "preserve the public space as a place of gathering, coexistence, and civility that embraces the many different ways of expressing ourselves and living that make our city better."
If, on the other hand, you want to start a stag and hen party, you might want to think about the tips and ideas in this article.
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