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This New Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box Is Only Available In Japan

While a lot of those flavors aren't even available in the United States, the Japanese Kit Kat company has put together a Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box that contains over 20 different flavors.

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Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
Mar 08, 20226 Shares318 Views
It's possible that, if you've been living under a rock for the last ten years as I have, you're not aware that there are several types of Kit Kat candy bars to choose from.
While a lot of those flavors aren't even available in the United States, the Japanese Kit Kat company has put together a Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Boxthat contains over 20 different flavors of the popular candy bar, for a total of 60 individual bars in the pack. The Kit Kat party box is available for purchase on Amazon.
Japanese Kit-Kat Variety on a brown wooden floor
Japanese Kit-Kat Variety on a brown wooden floor
The answer to the question of what kinds of flavors can be placed into a Kit Kat bar may surprise you if you're like me and have been wondering.
As we all know, Japan is a very imaginative country, and this ingenuity surely does not stop when it comes to flavoring their confectionery!
The Kit Kats included in the Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box are available in a variety of flavors, including matcha, sweet potato, strawberry cheesecake, hojicha, apple, azuki, and others.
Pink colored Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box set
Pink colored Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box set
Are you having trouble deciding which Japanese Kit Kat to try first? It's as though you've been praying for something like this. This box comprises the most popular Kit Kat varieties in Japan, with a total of 63 Japanese Kit Kats in a total of 21 distinct flavors.
Discovertastes such as matcha, hojicha, rum raisin, strawberry cheesecake, Japanese sake, and many more at a time! From Japan's most famous tastes to some geographically unique flavors that can only be found in certain parts of Japan, this sampling set will undoubtedly wow you with the astonishing range of Japanese Kit Kats available to you!
Some reviews from the customers:
"THIS WAS AWESOME! This was awesome! The variety was great, so many to choose from. I found a few amongst the combination of flavors that I definitely want to order again. 5/5 awesome."
-Review by Kevin M. on 15 Feb 2022
"Loved the variety. There was a Cognac flavor I liked. There are a-lot of kitkats and it took me a while to get through them. I ended up giving some away to friends to help me out! My friends enjoyed them! I would recomend."
-Joseph N.
"GREAT GIFT! Gave this as a gift for someone who is hard to shop for. It was an instant hit!"
-Review by Shari L. on 28 Feb 2022
Kit Kat fans will like the large multi-flavored kitkat variety pack, which is an unusual present from Japan that is crafted using local ingredients and flavors. It is the ideal gift option for Kit Kat fans.
The Kit Kat biscuit candy party box has varieties that are not available in local shops or can only be found in certain parts of the world.
Japanese Kit-Kat Variety arranged in an assembled order
Japanese Kit-Kat Variety arranged in an assembled order

What Is The Rarest Kit-Kat?

With the launch of the KitKat Chocolatory, KitKat aficionados will be able to try their hands at one of the world's rarest cocoas for the very first time. Sublime Volcanic is the name of the KitKat Chocolatory. Using cocoa from three volcanic islands in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, they were able to create a bar with a high nutritional value.


A present that should be mandated to be delivered for Christmas this season if you or a loved one has an unhealthy fixation with Kit Kat bars is this amazing huge Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box filled with fantastic, unusual Kit Kat flavors.
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