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Israeli Reporter Testing Knife-proof Vest Gets Stabbed On Live TV

Israeli reporter testing knife-proof vest gets stabbed on live TV. Yes, it really happened. In an extremely awful ironic twist, a stabber "missed" the protective material of a stab-proof vest that an Israeli journalist was testing and wound up stabbing him in the back.

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Israeli reporter testing knife-proof vest gets stabbed on live TV. Yes, it really happened. In an extremely awful ironic twist, a stabber "missed" the protective material of a stab-proof vest that an Israeli journalist was testing and wound up stabbing him in the back.
The recently found tape shows Eitam Lachover of Channel 1 wearing the item. It was shot in January 2016 in which Israeli reporter testing knife-proof vest gets stabbed on live TV.
Company vice president Yaniv Montakyo described what would occur while displaying an "extremely robust" steel commando knife that is "used by troops around the world."
Mr Lachover responded with apprehension, which was understandable given the situation: "You are going to stab me with this?"
Montakyo said:
Yes. You have nothing to worry about, we are very confident in our product. This product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. May I? Don’t be afraid, if something happens, I’m here.- Yaniv Montakyo
And so it did, as Mr. Lachover jerked and gave his cameraman a knowing smile on the third of the four stabs. "I missed,"said Montakyo. Oh dear.
After the accident, he told the country's Channel 2 network that he had missed the parts of the vest with protective materials because he missed this area on the third shot.
In a tweet a few days after the event, Mr Lachover said that the accidental stabbing caused a "superficial puncture."
He added:
Some stitches in the back and I was discharged home. Many thanks to everyone who expressed concern.- Eitam Lachover
Thank goodness for that.

Israeli TV reporter stabbed demonstrating 'knife-proof' vest - BBC News

Knife-proof Vest

A sort of body armour called a stab-proof vest, spike-proof vest, or stab vest is made to guard against stabbing attacks (from knives, blades, and broken glass) OR (needles, ice picks, and syringes).
Stab vests are designed to shield wearers from hazards like ice picks, screwdrivers, needles, and other sharp objects. The stab-proof vests are resistant to blunt harm from blows, batons, and other sharp objects.
Numerous occupations, including police officers, paramedics, door supervisors/bouncers, and security personnel frequently wear them.
The material used to make stab-proof vests is aramid. Body armor is best made with the synthetic fiber known as aramid because of its extremely high tensile strength.
Since its initial introduction a number of decades ago, aramid has established itself as one of the toughest materials on the market.
Both bulletproof and stab-proof vests employ aramid. Stabbing-proof vests are made by tightly weaving aramid cloth. Although aramid fibers are powerful on their own, when they are densely woven together to form a protective barrier, their protection levels drastically rise.
It takes a lot of force to actually pierce through the cloth because of the tightly woven fibers, which makes it incredibly tough for a weapon to be able to do so.
When a person attempts to stab someone wearing a stab-resistant vest, the knife gets trapped in the fabric and slips through the material.
As a result of being trapped in the aramid weaving, the knife's sharp edge is unable to cut through to the skin. The vest bearer will sustain damage from the cutting process, but the wearer will be shielded from the knife.
You should always buy a new protective vest or carrier when one is available in the event that one is damaged following an attack. A damaged vest won't provide the same level of protection as one that is in perfect condition.
The fibers in the vest's panels won't be as closely woven if they are torn, and that lack of closeness could allow knives or other sharp things to pierce the fabric, placing you at great risk.

'New Generation' Stab Vests Body Armour

The way the material reacts when someone tries to attack someone wearing a stab-proof vest is slightly different. The fibers will move around the tip, pushing it back and forth through the material, if a sharp, pointed item is used to pierce the vest.
It functions as though someone was using a needle and thread to stitch. The tip moves through some fibers before passing through others in a different direction. As a result, the rate at which the item can puncture the vest is reduced, and a full puncture is avoided.

Bullet And Knife Proof Vest Comparison

They are different from bulletproof vests in that they offer less bullet protection, but by limiting knife penetration by a few millimeters, they can avert serious injuries. Contrary to popular belief, bulletproof vests cannot shield wearers from attacks with edged weapons.
Knives and other edged blade weapons can pierce the protective fabric of the vest as opposed to getting stuck in the fibers like bullets, endangering the wearer. Before you acquire a piece of armor, find out more about how to choose the best kind for you and how they differ.

Is It Illegal To Wear A Stab Proof Vest?

You would run into differing laws for the buying and wearing of stab-resistant armor depending on your nation of residence, just like you would with any sort of body armor. Here are some of the laws of some more developed nations.
  • The use of body armor by civilians is prohibited in the European Union.
  • The purchase and use of body armor are currently not prohibited by law in the United Kingdom.
  • Body armor is often acceptable for purchase and possession in the US.
However, the following US states have unique rules that apply:
  • Body armor can only be purchased in person in Connecticut; it cannot be ordered online, over the phone, or through the mail.
  • Kentucky, where using or owning body armor while committing a crime is a separate offense.
  • Body armor is not permitted on school grounds or campuses in Louisiana.

People Also Ask

Does Stab Proof Vest Work?

Yes, they do work but not completely. There is no such thing as a 100% impenetrable stab vest.

Will A Bulletproof Vest Stop A Knife?

No, Vests intended to stop bullets won't be able to stop sharp and pointed objects like knives, bottles, or needles.

Is There Such Thing As A Knife Proof Vest?

Yes, A stab vest, also known as a stab proof vest or a knife proof vest, is a strengthened piece of body armor that can be worn below or over other garments to protect against knife assaults to the chest, back, and sides.


The demonstration of the product did not go as planned when an Israeli reporter testing knife-proof vest gets stabbed on live TV.
Israel's Channel 1's Eitam Lachover was visibly concerned about the stabbing, and it turned out he had good reason to be.
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