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Iceland Shut Their Last McDonald's On 31 Oct '09 - But Why?

Iceland shut their last McDonald's on 31 Oct '09 - The last tidbit sold by the establishment is in plain view in an exhibition hall and is as yet unblemished because of its strong additives. Is it really because of THE preservatives???

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Iceland shut their last McDonald's on 31 Oct '09- The last tidbit sold by the establishment is in plain view in an exhibition hall and is as yet unblemished because of its strong additives. Is it really because of THE preservatives?
Or the truth is something else...Keep reading to learn about the truth about why Iceland shut their last McDonald's on 31 Oct '09.
A regular fries pack and mcdonald's burger in a glass box in an Iceland's museum
A regular fries pack and mcdonald's burger in a glass box in an Iceland's museum

McDonald's Debunking The Myth Of Preservatives

McDonald's MCD.N will shade its business in Iceland since it is excessively costly for the establishment to work after the country's monetary emergency.
The world's biggest cheap food organization said on Monday that every one of the three of its eateries in Iceland, worked by franchisee Jon Ogmundsson, would quit working at 12 PM on October 31.
Ogmundsson has run the McDonald's cafés beginning around 2004. He advised that the choice to close the cafés was principally because of the serious deterioration of the Icelandic krona and high expenses on imported food.
All things considered, he will send off another burger chain at his three areas with privately obtained food under the name Metro.
“I’ve sold more hamburgers in the last few months than ever before, but the cost is prohibitive. It just makes no sense,” he said. “For a kilo of onion, imported from Germany, I’m paying the equivalent of a bottle of good whiskey,” he said.

Why Did All McDonald's Closed In Iceland?

Iceland's banks fell at the level of the worldwide credit emergency, wrecking the nation's economy and leaving it subject to a $10 billion (6.12 billion pound) help bundle driven by the International Monetary Fund.
Ogmundsson said the expense of unrefined substances utilized in McDonald's suppers had multiplied over the most recent year and a half, and that there was little expectation Iceland's economy would get to the point of making the business practices.
McDonald's Europe said in a proclamation that it wouldn't look for another accomplice in that frame of mind to the condition of its economy and the intricacy of carrying on with work there.

A Burger Forgotten On A Carport Rack

On Oct. 31, 2009, promoting advisor Hjörtur Smárason was among the last clients at McDonald's in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. He held up in line before the eatery with different Icelanders who needed to buy their last McDonald's supper.
However, Smárason had not come to eat. He had found out about web-based gossipy tidbits about never-spoiling McDonald's burgers and needed to scrutinize the legend. He purchased a cheeseburger with fries, drove home, and left the crate on a rack in his carport.
Three years went by, in which Smárason overlooked the keepsake of a past period. He had different issues to stress over.
The monetary emergency had hit him hard. “I lost all my savings,” he recalled. “My clients were going bankrupt. I was trying to hang on to my house.”
Three years on, as he was planning to move to Copenhagen, he went over the McDonald's feast in his carport.
“I was worried about what I would find,” Smarason said.
A shot of outside of McDonald's outlet
A shot of outside of McDonald's outlet
Whenever he opened the container, he was stunned — however not for the explanation he anticipated. As opposed to the spoiled remainders he was ready for, he viewed what showed up as a completely unblemished supper.
Smarason detected he was holding a chronicled relic. He contacted Iceland's National Museum, where the supper was placed on unmistakable presentation before long.
Iceland's public telecom administration got the story, which before long circled all over the planet.

Why McDonald's Failed In Iceland

In the years since a few guests seem to have confused it with a new supper. A few fries are absent.
The remainders are currently in plain view in a little inn in southern Iceland, where they keep on drawing in vacationers, Smarason said.
He actually visits the burger routinely. The last time he saw it, he said, it looked "as new as usual."
Just the paper it is enveloped by has begun to look somewhat yellow.
""Still waiting for that ketchup I asked for""
_GadiZelay (Reddit)
"Hey sorry for hijacking your comment, but just wanted to let everyone know, its STILL INTACT CUZ IT IS IN A SEALED FCKING GLASS BOX NOT BECAUSE OF PRESERVATIVES! Processed food doesn't just start growing fungus, it needs the fungal spores on it to grow fungus. All those videos you saw of burgers intact, is because they were wrapped or sealed such that no spores ever got through or were able to grow. You keep that burger in an open field near the tropic of cancer and that shit will rot before a week.
Edit: also it is dehydrated as fck. Even if fungal spores got on there they wont have water."
"It's more that the water has been removed from the products. The bread has been dehydrated, so it doesn't cultivate mould."
_Wetched_Brittunculi (Reddit)
"Yup. Water activity level is too low."
_NBABUCKS1 (Reddit)
"Yup - McDs burgers are extremelydry, if this was plain (no pickle, ketchup, ?) it would have been a desiccated puck in less than 24hrs. I definitely helps that have a shit ton of salt relative to volume. Which is technically a preservative, although not what people are thinking when they're saying it to be scary.
Source: my kids order them plain, I've seen the have eaten ones the next day, and can guarantee you they're not going to rot. I even found one in my car under the seat that was god knows how old."
_inspectoroverthemine (Reddit)
"Once I accidentally left one in a shelf above the microwave for a month or so and forgot about it. When I found it again, it was like it was new, just with slightly harder bread and colder."
_NovaThinksBadly (Reddit)


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