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How To Pack Your Backpack Efficiently For A Multi-Day Hiking Trip

Your backpack can sometimes become a literal pain in the neck, so learning how to pack it is essential. By evenly distributing the weight, you can enjoy longer hikes without discomfort.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Jul 03, 20236.5K Shares111.5K Views
Going on a multi-day hiking trip? The first rule is to come prepared. Your backpack can sometimes become a literal pain in the neck, so learning how to pack it is essential. By evenly distributing the weight, you can enjoy longer hikes without discomfort. There are a few guidelines to follow when packing your backpack. Whether you’re new to backpacking or like to refresh your knowledge, keep reading!

Organize Your Essential Packing Supplies

It’s time to begin packing once you’ve selected one of the many hiking backpacks. Lay out all the gear you intend to bring and consider what you can go without. Less is more! Focus on items you can’t live without during your trip, such as a reliable tent, clothes, cookware, etc. Double-check your packing list to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important, avoiding bringing extra items you won’t need.

Start From the Bottom

Now that you know what you want to bring, you should compress the largest and bulkiest items that you won’t need at first at the bottom of your pack. This is where you should store your non-essential items, like your pillow or sleeping bag. Use compression straps to stabilize these items.

Prioritize Your Weighting

Then store your heavier items in the middle of the pack for the best weight distribution. Why? This relieves stress on your back and helps maintain better posture. Here you should store your stove, shoes, and food for example. A bear canister can also be handy for storing clothes and other items. Use the side pockets of your backpack for water bottles, tent poles, and other things like ropes.

The Brain of Your Backpack

At the top of your pack, place essential items that you will need the most - think of it as the ‘’brain’’ of your backpack. This is usually a zipped pocket that can be removed as a daypack for hiking. Place your first aid kit, rain gear, and snacks here. If you are also bringing some electronic devices, make sure you have a dry bag to put them in, protecting them from getting wet during a storm.
With these tips, you should now be equipped to pack your backpack efficiently for your next hiking trip. Remember to organize your weight, and again, ‘’less is more!’’ Pack smart and enjoy your time in nature. Happy hiking!
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