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Guy Discovers Strange Wedding Tradition In Girlfriend's Family After Noticing Red Flags

Every family has its own traditions, but not all are quite normal like everybody else. One guy discovers strange wedding tradition in girlfriend's family that made him rush to social media to share.

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After months of meticulous planning, the wedding night marks a moment of respite for couples to unwind in each other's company. However, not all families embrace this occasion in the same manner. Recently, a guy discovers strange wedding tradition in girlfriend's familyand shared it on social media.

Weird Wedding Tradition

Picture this: you've just exchanged vows and the day's stress has melted away. It's finally time for that intimate wedding night with your beloved. But what if your idea of romance doesn't align with your partner's family tradition?
One young man discovered the peculiarities of his girlfriend's family's wedding night ritual, sparking a Reddit discussion that raised eyebrows and offered diverse perspectives.
Reflecting on his relationship with his girlfriend's family, the 23-year-old admitted, "Something strange I've noticed since we got engaged is my GF's cousins making jokes about our wedding night." This innocuous observation set the stage for an unexpected revelation.
He added, "It's weirdfor them to joke about it since I'm pretty sure her family is aware we've slept together before since we share a bed at holiday gatherings and vacations. A few nights ago we were discussing wedding plans and thinking about places to go on our honeymoon (if Covid-19 clears up and we can travel by then). My GF and I were brainstorming ideas when she tells me that we won't need a bridal suite right away."
Intrigued, he probed further, only to uncover a family tradition that diverged from the norm. He explained that it turns out, her family has this thing where the newlyweds are supposed to get cozy in the master bedroom while everyone else waits outside.
"The rest of the family are waiting outside the door so they can applaud them and cheer when they come out," he added.
The "uniqueness" of the ritual didn't end there.
"Then a piece of the bed sheet is cut off and sewn into a big tapestry my GF's mother owns. I think my GF saw I wasn't happy because she quickly told me that we wouldn't have to actually consummate the marriage if I felt uncomfortable and we could just pretend," he shared.
Despite his girlfriend's assurances that participation in the consummation aspect was optional, the groom expressed reservations.
He also shared, "I think she's also been texting her family about this because I received a text from her mother telling me that I 'don't understand the importance of family' and tradition yet and this kind of tradition has been around longer than I've been alive."

Confronting Familial Expectations

The groom faced unexpected opposition when his girlfriend's mother emphasized the tradition's significance.
In a text message, he was admonished for his perceived disregard for family traditions. He recounted, "I received a text saying I didn't 'understand the importance of family' and their age-old tradition."
Online responses varied, offering a spectrum of advice and perspectives. While some urged the groom to assert his boundaries firmly, others proposed a lighthearted approach to defuse the tension. While one commenter quipped, "Tell them you'll do it, but only if you get a hundred cows, a white horse, and some land."
Another warned, "If you go along with this, it will only be the beginning. You can expect an ongoing struggle about boundaries."
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