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Ghost Caught On Video At New Orleans T-Shirt Shop

New Orleans French Quarter store, The NOLA-T Shirt of the Month Club, has recently captured a mysterious incident on one of their surveillance cameras, and claimed they have a ghost caught on video at New Orleans T-Shirt shop they own.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Jun 08, 20235.6K Shares106.6K Views
New Orleans French Quarter store, The NOLA-T Shirt of the Month Club, has recently captured a mysterious incident on one of their surveillance cameras, and claimed they have a ghost caught on video at New Orleans T-Shirt shopthey own.

The Ghost Encounter

The eerie encounter took place at approximately 10:30 P.M. on a Sunday evening, leaving both Jackie and John Abston, the owners of the store, puzzled and intrigued.
Upon receiving a notification that one of the side doors to their store had opened, the owners quickly turned to the surveillance footage to investigate. What they witnessed left them in disbelief. The door, instead of gradually opening, swung open with a commanding force, as if someone—or something—had pushed it open deliberately.
To their surprise, the strange phenomenon did not stop at the door's opening. As the owners scrutinized the video, they noticed a peculiar object appearing to fly around inside the store. At the 25-second mark, a light white orb can be seen swiftly traversing the bottom left corner of the frame.
Jackie Abston, sharing her account of the incident, said:
You can see a light white orbit fly across one of the cameras, and you can see what appears to be something moving in the reflection of the glass in another door.
This incident is not the first time the owners have sensed a supernatural presence in their store. According to Jackie Abston, they have frequently heard unexplained footsteps within the store when no one else was present.
In addition, peculiar occurrences such as unexpected lamp malfunctions have been observed. Despite these strange happenings, the owners maintain a positive outlook, considering the spirit to be friendly and attracted to the vibrant spirit of New Orleans.
Jackie Abston expresses her belief that the store's paranormal encounters are far from over. She states:
I believe if the store is haunted, then it is definitely a friendly ghost who loves T-shirts and the spirit of all things New Orleans. I believe this won't be the last time we will be visited by our local French Quarter ghosts.
The NOLA-T Shirt of the Month Club, located on St. Ann Street in the heart of the French Quarter, has gained attention not only for its unique T-shirt collection but also for its unanticipated spectral guests. With each unexplained incident, the store further cements its reputation as a hotspot for supernatural occurrences.


As newsof the ghostly encounter spreads, locals and visitors alike are drawn to the NOLA-T Shirt of the Month Club, hoping to catch a glimpse of the friendly French Quarter spirit.
Whether it's the allure of the paranormal or the charm of the store's T-shirt collection, one thing is for certain—the Abstons' store has become a place where the extraordinary and the ordinary converge, leaving customers curious and captivated by the mysterious specter that has chosen to visit their establishment.
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