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Entire Town In Texas Abandoned In The ‘90s Lists For Only $100K

In a remarkable turn of events, an entire town in Texas abandoned in the ‘90s lists for only $100K. This intriguing real estate opportunity has captured the attention of many, as it presents a unique chance to own a piece of history and potentially revive a forgotten community. As we delve deeper into the story, let us uncover the mysteries surrounding this abandoned town and explore the reasons behind its enticing price tag.

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In a remarkable turn of events, an entire town in Texas abandoned in the ‘90s lists for only $100K. This intriguing real estate opportunity has captured the attention of many, as it presents a unique chance to own a piece of history and potentially revive a forgotten community. As we delve deeper into the story, let us uncover the mysteries surrounding this abandoned town and explore the reasons behind its enticing price tag.

The Abandoned Texas Town

Nestled in the heart of Texas, this abandoned town, Lobo, carries a rich and colorful past. According to the reports, the town has remained deserted since the 1990s, shrouding it in an air of mystique. Now, the entire town in Texas abandoned in the ‘90s lists for only $100K.
The astonishingly low asking price of $100,000 has attracted significant attention and sparked curiosity among prospective buyers. The allure of owning an entire town at such an affordable cost has ignited the imaginations of many adventurous individuals. However, it is important to note that the low price is not without its caveats.
For the low cost of $100,000, one lucky buyer will get the chance to purchase a whole Texas ghost town. In 2001, a man by the name of Alexander Bardorff paid $20,000 buy the 10-acre town of Lobo with a few friends.
More than 70 people, according to Bardorff, have already gathered there in the hopes of making the purchase. He has listened to each person who has traveled to this area of West Texas, each of whom has pitched a vision for its future, while sitting beneath the canopy of the town's empty gas station.
The transaction, according to Bardorff, a German native, was not about making money but rather about finding a buyer who "understands how special the land they fell in love with is."
Bardorff told the Wall Street Journal:
It’s difficult for me to let go. To some of the potential buyers, I say, ‘It’s like Lobo is my baby or our baby and we want to find new good parents.’ Do you respect what I call the soul of Lobo? You can have a campground anywhere.
According to the description, there are abandoned homes as well as an empty swimming pool, a motel, a grocery store, a restaurant, and a post office that are all closed. Three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a screened-in porch, and an 800-square-foot storage space are all present in one of the empty houses. However, a working water pump that circulates both hot and cold water is present.
The community grew over time, but after the final inhabitant left in 1991, Lobo was deserted until Bardorff and his friends turned it into a center for the arts by holding musicconcerts, film festivals, and art installations.
Andrea Alvarez, a potential buyer, told the Journal that:
Just being out here it kind of slows down time.- Andrea Alvarez
The history of Lobo begins in the middle of the 19th century when it was a rest station for travelers carrying mail from San Antonio to San Diego.
A broad variety of future plans for Lobo were put out by potential buyers, including kangaroo farms, nudist communities, and an escape room-style attraction where visitors may leave the town as opposed to just a specific room.
Lobo, which has a serene desert setting, is situated between Marfa, an independent art area noted for its installation of an abandoned Prada store, and Van Horn, the location of Jeff Bezos's space enterprise.
One musician imagines the community focusing on art and music with a desert theme. Others include producing sustainable farms and rental units or constructing an extremely strong radio tower. The winning bidder will be chosen by Bardorff and the other two buyers.
The town is accepting bids through June 24. Alvarez's aunt, Jennifer Ficke, remarked:
It’s the dream, you know. The opportunity to say, ‘Oh, I bought a town.’ Not too many people can say that.- Jennifer Ficke
Although not the first ghost town to go on the market, this one is unquestionably the least expensive. A restored basic shop and a deserted town in Arizona are both up for sale right now for $1.1 million. A California ghost town was just purchased for $22.5 million by an unidentified bidder.
Alexander Bardorff, a Lobo co-owner
Alexander Bardorff, a Lobo co-owner

Challenges And Considerations

Before embarking on such an ambitious endeavor, potential buyers must be aware of the challenges they may face. The town's abandonment likely means that there is a lack of basic infrastructure and amenities.
This could include issues such as outdated utilities, damaged buildings, and a need for significant restoration work. Additionally, zoning and land-use regulations may pose hurdles when it comes to repurposing the town for modern-day needs.

Opportunities For Revival

Despite the challenges, the sale of this abandoned town presents a unique opportunity for those with a vision and the resources to revitalize the area. The prospects for repurposing the town are vast, ranging from creating a rustic retreat, an artist's colony, or a historical attraction that preserves the essence of the town's past.
Moreover, the town's location in the heart of Texas offers potential for tourism and development, with nearby natural attractions and the potential for a thriving local economy.

Preserving History And Heritage

One of the significant aspects of this abandoned town is its historical value. It serves as a time capsule of a bygone era, offering glimpses into the lives of its former residents. Preserving the town's heritage would not only be an opportunity to breathe new life into the area but also an important act of historical conservation.
By maintaining the town's original charm and character, future generations can learn about the past and appreciate the town's place in Texas history.

Buying And Developing Abandoned Properties - Tips And Considerations

The nation's foreclosure crisis worsened the already difficult issue of vacant and abandoned properties for many municipalities. The negative effects of vacant and abandoned properties are extensively documented, and range from dropping property values to rising crime and municipal costs.
The allure of buying and developing abandoned properties can be irresistible for those seeking unique investment opportunities or creative ventures. These neglected buildings often hold untapped potential, allowing buyers to breathe new life into them and contribute to the revitalization of communities.
However, purchasing and developing abandoned properties comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. In this article, we will explore essential tips and factors to consider when embarking on the journey of buying and developing abandoned properties.
An abandoned house
An abandoned house

Research And Due Diligence

Thorough research and due diligence are crucial when considering the purchase of abandoned property. Start by identifying properties of interest and researching their ownership status, history, and any legal or financial complications.
Engage with local authorities and community members to gain insights into the property's background, including zoning regulations, permits, and potential development restrictions.

Property Inspection And Assessment

Before finalizing any purchase, a comprehensive property inspection is essential. Abandoned properties may suffer from neglect, decay, or structural issues, requiring significant renovation and repair work. Engage professional inspectors, contractors, or architects to evaluate the property's condition thoroughly.
Consider factors such as the foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, and overall structural integrity. This assessment will help you estimate the renovation costs and understand the extent of work required.

Financial Planning And Budgeting

Developing abandoned properties requires a realistic financial plan and budget. Calculate not only the purchase price but also the costs associated with renovations, permits, insurance, and ongoing maintenance.
Overestimate your expenses to accommodate unexpected surprises that often arise during renovation projects. Additionally, consider the potential return on investment (ROI) and the time it may take to recoup your investment. Consult with financial advisors or real estate professionals to develop a sound financial strategy.
Abandoned properties are often subject to various regulatory and legal considerations. Familiarize yourself with local zoning laws, building codes, and permits required for development and renovation.
Research any historical designations or restrictions that may affect the property's development potential. Additionally, ensure that the property has a clear title, free of any liens or legal disputes. Engage with professionals such as attorneys or real estate agents specializing in abandoned properties to navigate these complexities.

Community Engagement And Vision

Developing abandoned properties can have a significant impact on the surrounding community. Engage with local stakeholders, community groups, and governing bodies to understand their visions and goals for the area. Seek input and feedback to align your plans with the community's needs and aspirations.
Consider how your development can contribute positively to the neighborhood, such as creating affordable housing, preserving historical elements, or providing community spaces. Building strong relationships with the community can help garner support, facilitate collaborations, and enhance the overall success of your project.

Sustainable And Innovative Design

When developing abandoned properties, embrace sustainable and innovative design practices. Consider energy-efficient systems, environmentally friendly materials, and adaptable spaces that can accommodate evolving needs.
Incorporate elements of preservation, blending historical features with modern amenities. This approach not only adds value to the property but also appeals to environmentally conscious buyers and contributes to the overall sustainability of the community.

Patience and Perseverance

Developing abandoned properties can be a time-consuming and challenging process. It requires patience, perseverance, and a long-term vision. Delays, unforeseen issues, and bureaucratic processes are common hurdles in such projects. Stay focused on your goals, be adaptable to changing circumstances, and maintain realistic expectations throughout the journey.

People Also Ask

What Is The Name Of The Abandoned Town In Texas Listed For $100K?

The name of the abandoned town is Lobo.

Why Was The Town Abandoned In The 1990s?

The exact reasons for the town's abandonment in the 1990s remain unclear.

What Challenges Might Potential Buyers Face When Considering Purchasing The Abandoned Texas Town?

Potential buyers should be aware of challenges such as the lack of basic infrastructure and amenities, including outdated utilities, damaged buildings, and the need for extensive restoration work. Zoning and land-use regulations may also present obstacles to repurposing the town.

What Opportunities Exist For Reviving The Abandoned Texas Town?

The sale of the abandoned town presents opportunities for various potential uses, including creating a rustic retreat, an artist's colony, or a historical attraction that preserves the town's past. The town's location in Texas offers potential for tourism and development.

What Significance Does The Abandoned Texas Town Hold In Terms Of History And Heritage?

The abandoned town serves as a time capsule of a bygone era, providing insights into the lives of its former residents. Preserving the town's heritage would not only revitalize the area but also contribute to historical conservation and allow future generations to learn about the town's place in Texas history.


An entire town in Texas abandoned in the ‘90s lists for only $100K. The newsof an entire Texas town abandoned since the 1990s is listed for a mere $100,000 and has captured the imagination of many. The allure of owning and reviving a piece of history, combined with the potential for development and tourism, makes this a fascinating real estate opportunity.
However, potential buyers must carefully consider the challenges associated with revitalizing the town, including the need for extensive renovations and navigating zoning regulations. Nonetheless, for the right individual or group, this abandoned town offers a chance to create something remarkable, preserving history while building a new future.
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