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Doctors Of Reddit - What Is The Most Unethical Thing That Your Fellow Doctors Have Done To Their Patients?

If you are a doctor, what is the most unethical thing that your fellow doctors have done to their patients? You might remember a lot of stories during your journey in your medical field and notice some shortcomings from your fellow-frontliner. Check out this post to learn about the doctors' most unethical behavior, gleaned from Reddit users' conversations.

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If you are a doctor, what is the most unethical thingthat your fellow doctors have done to their patients? You might remember a lot of stories during your journey in your medical field and notice some shortcomings from your fellow doctors. Check out this post to learn about the doctors' most unethical behavior, gleaned from Reddit users' conversations.

Reddit Stories Of Doctors Behaving Unethically

A hand holding a phone and showing reddit application
A hand holding a phone and showing reddit application

Robert Ray Courtney Controversy

Getridofwires, Reddit commenters shared the case of an American pharmacist named Robert Ray Courtney. He said that this doctor has been diluting cancer treatment medications for years in order to generate money. Numerous lives, countless unnecessary treatments, and countless cancer study data that has been rendered useless by a single individual. The man was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2002 for intentionally diluting 98,000 prescriptions for multiple types of drugs, which were given to 4,200 patients. He was caught diluting a few doses of chemotherapy drugs in 2002.
Dr. Courtney was caught when another doctor known as Dr. Hunter observed that her patients are having mild side effects, and their condition didn't appear to be getting better. Dr. Hunter had a drug that Courtney gave him tested. The results showed that less than one-third of the drug was in the sample. Hunter cut ties with Courtney as soon as the test results came back. He also called the FBI.

The Other Beatle Shared Personal Experience

My best friend's mother, Roulla, is from Lebanon. When Roulla was a young girl she got pretty badly injured and went to the hospital. The doctor then proceeded to tell Roulla's mother that she had passed away due to the injuries. She did not believe her and soon discovered Roulla locked in a closet, waiting to be presumably be sold into slavery.

Baby For Sale

Bacon_bits said:
It's not uncommon for doctors to tell mothers their child died during labor and then sell the baby for private adoption. The scary part is this happens in all parts of the world and not just the poor countries.
The author found out that an article released last 2011 shows that up to 300,000 Spanish babies were taken from their parents and sold for adoption over the course of five decades, which is a lot of babies. In a widespread practice that started during General Franco's rule and continued until the early Nineties, secret networks of doctors, nurses, priests, and nuns trafficked the children. They were part of a group that worked together to hide their activities.
People who had babies taken from Spanish hospitals are now fighting for an official government investigation. Many mothers say they were told that their first-born babies had died soon after they gave birth. The adoptive parents' names were faked on the infants' birth certificates.
Icegnomey proves this issue while saying: "My family experienced this exact thing here in the US. Back in the 1930s, my great-grandmother (who had recently immigrated here from Greece) had her first baby. The doctors told her that the baby was stillborn and they took him away before my great-grandmother could see him. She swore until her last days that she heard him cry and saw him move and that the doctors stole her baby. My grandmother passed away very young, so my great-grandmother lived a long part of her life childless. It's so incredibly sad to think about this, knowing that my great-grandmother more than likely had another child that she never got to meet."

Diatheremed Liver And Unprescribed Medicine

Qualitypies shared:
It was in the newshere but there was a surgeon in Birmingham I think who diathermed (essentially burnt) his initials onto patients' livers. My colleague worked with him and saw him do this. I personally haven't seen much that's too bad. There are a lot of pretty dark jokes in the doctor's office but nothing potentially damaging. A nurse did once offer to give me unprescribed flucloxacillin for a skin infection but I politely refused.
WebMD explains that Diathermy is a treatment that employs energy to heat up specific body parts. Instead of a heat source, diathermy employs sound and electricity, which your body converts into heat. Diathermy, or "deep heating," heats deep beneath the skin's surface. On the other hand, the unprescribed use of pharmaceutical medications is the use of a prescription or OTC drug for purposes other than those prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider that is very risky.

A Southfield Doctor Allegedly Prescribed Drugs For Sex

SquidwardtortelIini reveals its experience: "I work in a pharmacy and a doctor was just recently blacklisted from our pharmacy because he was prescribing his "attractive" female patients high doses of opioids to get them addicted. Then he would only refill their script if they had sexwith him. Apparently, he was doing it for years before anyone said anything."
Candice Williams reported that Attorney General Bill Schuette says a 67-year-old Southfield doctor was charged with multiple felonies Tuesday for allegedly prescribing medicine in exchange for money and sexual favors. First-degree criminal sexual behavior, racketeering, conspiracy to deliver fewer than 50 grams of controlled narcotics, and Medicaid fraud-false claim are among the charges against Dr. John Ronald Verbovsky.
Verbovsky was allegedly using his medical authority to compel sexual favors and money from his patients, according to an inquiry that found "he was prescribing banned medications based not on medical need."

What Is Unethical For A Doctor To Do

A doctor wearing a face mask while holding a scalpel
A doctor wearing a face mask while holding a scalpel
Another example of an ethical problem is closing your practice to new patients. Physicians have every right to refuse every patient who walks through the door. Accepting every patient could be a smart business decision or it could be a bad one. Rejecting a patient, on the other hand, may result in the patient not receiving necessary care.

What Is Ethical Dilemma In Medical Ethics

Patients' Rights, Equity of Resources, Confidentiality of Patients, Patient Safety, Conflict of Interests, Ethics of Privatization, Informed Consent, and Dealing with the opposite sex were the top ethical issues that participants ranked in order of significance.

How Do I Report A Doctor For Unprofessional Behavior

Inside the office, the doctor touches the patients hand
Inside the office, the doctor touches the patients hand
Talk to a friend, family member, or a healthcare professional like a nurse, social worker, or doctor. If you still feel concerned after talking things through, you can complain directly to your doctor or the healthcare service they work for (both are known as healthcare providers) by talking to them or writing them. This may help clarify the situation or prevent a problem from occurring.
If you are not happy with their response, you can approach the Health Complaints Commissioner, AHPRA, or the Medical Board of Australia. The Board has the authority to safeguard the public and guarantee that doctors adhere to high ethical standards.

Does The Doctor Have The Right To Make A Mistake

It's possible that your doctor will be held liable for medical malpractice if a mistake is encountered during your treatment. A legal obligation exists for all medical providers to protect their patients from injury. This obligation extends to doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Doctor Caught Laughing And Cursing At A Patient

Doctor caught on camera laughing and cursing at a patient

Is It Unethical To Date A Patient

It is unethical for a physician to have sexual or romantic relationships with former patients if the physician uses or exploits the trust, knowledge, emotions, or influence gained from the previous professional relationship, or if a romantic relationship would otherwise be harmful to the individual in the future.


Healthcare professionals, like everyone else, are imperfect and can make mistakesat some point in their lives. If you realize that you have been mistreated, or have been put at risk by your healthcare provider. Like what the article advises, you may seek help and assistance from the hospital administrator or the state licensing board, go to institutional authorities. You can help prevent others from experiencing the same problem that you did by disclosing inappropriate, illegal, or harmful behavior.
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