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Can You Guess The ‘Friends’ Season Based On Rachel’s Hair?

For diehard fans of TV series, everything seems to matter: from the iconic lines of the cast members down to their appearances. In the case of Rachel Green of “Friends,” it’s all about the hair, darling. Can you guess the “Friends” season based on Rachel’s hair?

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If you claim to be a life-long fan of this show, can you guess the Friendsseason based on Rachel’s hair?
The “Rachel” haircut became popular in the mid-‘90s after actress Jennifer Aniston debuted the hairstyle while playing the character Rachel Green on the popular TV show Friends.
The hairstyle, which featured choppy layers and face-framing highlights, was seen as a fresh and modern take on the classic bob.
It was also easy to maintain and versatile enough to be styled in different ways.
The hairstyle was a hit with viewers and became one of the most iconic hairstyles of the ‘90s.

Friends | Rachel’s Iconic Hair Supercut | Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Rachel Haircut

The Rachel haircut consists of layered, shoulder-length hair with face-framing pieces and often includes highlights or lowlights.
It was created by hair stylist Chris McMillan, who also happens to be a columnist for Allure magazine and now the owner of Chris McMillan The Salon in Beverly Hills.
Jennifer Aniston sported the look in the first (September 1994-May 1995) and second (September 1995-May 1996) seasons of the show.
Aniston, who turned 54 this 2023, was 25 at the time she first had the remarkable Rachel haircut.
If you’re a fan, can you guess the Friendsseason based on Rachel’s hair?
The Rachel haircut became a cultural phenomenon, with many women seeking to replicate the look at hair salons across the world.
The style was seen as modern and fresh, and it quickly became a staple of 1990s fashion.
Despite its initial popularity, the Rachel haircut has since fallen out of fashion, with many women preferring shorter, more modern hairstyles.
Nonetheless, the style continues to be a nostalgic favorite for those who grew up during the 1990s.
Jennifer Aniston in a sleeveless top and sporting the Rachel haircut, with chin resting on her right palm
Jennifer Aniston in a sleeveless top and sporting the Rachel haircut, with chin resting on her right palm
The popularity of the Rachel haircut can be attributed in part to the success of NBC’s Friends- ten seasons (1994-2004)! - which was one of the most-watched television shows of the decade.
It was consistently one of the highest-rated shows on television during its original run and won numerous awards, including:
  • multiple Primetime Emmy Awards
  • a Golden Globe Award (Best Television Series - Comedy or Musical)
Even today, nearly two decades after its finale, Friendscontinues to have a massive following and remains a cultural phenomenon.
Of course, the show’s characters- the cast members became household names - and their fashion choices, had a significant impact on popular culture at the time.
That definitely includes the Rachel haircut.
Regarding its popularity, Luke Hersheson, a hairstylist and the CEO of the London-based hair brand Hershesons, said, as quoted by British Vogue in a June 2021 article:
The original Rachel was so iconic because it was the mid ’90s and we’d just come out of this period of grunge; people were getting bored of this no-hair hair and no make-up make-up.- Luke Hersheson
Hersheson added:
When Rachel Green appeared, she was the opposite to all of that. She had a full-on haircut - the kitchen sink of haircuts! - and it was very layered and obviously cut.- Luke Hersheson
So, can you guess the Friendsseason based on Rachel’s hair?
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on Friends
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on Friends

Did Jennifer Aniston Like The Rachel Cut?

In an article published by Glamour in May 2015, when she got interviewed as an endorser of the hair products of Living Proof, Jennifer Aniston made a big reveal.
It’s about the Rachel cut.
She disclosed:
I was not a fan of the ‘Rachel.’ That was kind of cringe-y for me.- Jennifer Aniston
Yup. She said that. Aniston had a good reason, though. She explained:
Looking back - honestly, even during that time - I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed [my hair stylist] Chris [McMillan] attached to my hip. Left to my own devices, I am not skilled with a hairbrush and blow-dryer.- Jennifer Aniston

How Jennifer Aniston Felt About "The Rachel" Haircut | CONAN on TBS

Rachel Green Haircut In All Seasons

Can you guess the Friendsseason based on Rachel’s hair?
Below are brief descriptions of Rachel Green’s hair for each season of the show.
Season 1: Rachel’s hair is medium-length and layered.
She wears it straight or with soft waves, often pulled back in a half-up style.
Season 2:It is still layered but she starts to add more volume and texture with tighter curls and more pronounced waves.
She also experiments with different partings and starts to wear them down more often.
Season 3:By season three, Rachel has grown out her hair to shoulder length and added highlights for dimension.
She wears it straight, curled, or in a messy updo.
Season 4:Rachel’s hair is longer, reaching her mid-back, and she continues to play with highlights and lowlights for dimension.
She wears it in a sleek and straight style, or in loose waves.
Season 5:It is slightly shorter, with layers starting around her chin.
She opts for a sleeker, straight style with minimal volume and wears it down more often.
Season 6:It is shoulder-length with long layers and a more natural-looking color.
She wears it in loose waves or is pulled back in a messy bun.
Season 7:It is longer and more textured, with shaggy layers and a choppy fringe.
She also starts to experiment with different hair accessories like headbands and barrettes.
Season 8: It is still long but with fewer layers and a more refined look.
She wears it in a straight or slightly curled style and adds a side part for a classic look.
Season 9:It is shoulder-length with a choppy, textured cut.
She adds bangs and continues to wear it in loose waves or a messy updo.
Season 10:In the final season of Friends, Rachel’s hair is longer and straighter, with subtle layers and more natural color.
She wears it down in a sleek style or pulled it back in a low ponytail.
Rachel Green with shoulder-length straight hair; Rachel’s hair in loose waves; Rachel with long, straight hair
Rachel Green with shoulder-length straight hair; Rachel’s hair in loose waves; Rachel with long, straight hair

People Also Ask

What Face Shape Is Best For The Rachel Haircut?

This hairstyle can work with a variety of face shapes, but it is particularly flattering on those with an oval or round face shape.
The layers and volume in the hairstyle can help to balance out a round face, while the face-framing layers can accentuate the cheekbones and jawline of those with an oval face shape.

Is The Rachel Haircut Hard To Maintain?

Well, it could be. While it can be a stylish and flattering look, the ease of maintenance can depend on a few factors.
For those with straight or slightly wavy hair, maintaining the Rachel haircut may be relatively easy as the layers and texture can add movement and volume to the hair.
However, for those with curly or thick hair, maintaining the style may require more effort. Why? It’s because the layers may need to be regularly trimmed and thinned out to prevent the hair from becoming too bulky or unruly.
Additionally, regular salon appointments may be necessary to maintain the shape and texture of the Rachel haircut, as well as to prevent split ends and other damage from occurring.
Without proper maintenance, the style may lose its shape and become difficult to manage.
Overall, while the Rachel haircut can be a flattering and trendy style, it may require some effort to maintain its shape and texture, particularly for those with curly or thick hair.
It’s important to discuss with a stylist whether this style is a good fit for your hair type and lifestyle before committing to it.

Why Is Rachel’s Hair So Long In Season 6?

In Season 6 (September 1999-May 2000) of Friends, Rachel’s hair was famously styled in a long, layered look that became very popular at the time.
The reason for this change in Rachel’s hairstyle was because Jennifer Aniston wanted to cut her hair short in real life.
However, the show’s producers were concerned that a drastic change in Rachel’s appearance would be jarring for viewers and affect the show’s continuity.
To resolve this issue, the show’s hairstylist, Chris McMillan, came up with the idea of gradually transitioning Rachel’s hair to a longer style over the course of several episodes.
This allowed Aniston to gradually cut her hair in real life without disrupting the show’s storyline.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Friendsand Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, helped to make the hairstyle a cultural phenomenon, with many women seeking to emulate the look.
Ladies, however, it’s important to keep in mind that haircuts should ultimately be chosen based on personal style preferences and what makes you feel confident and comfortable.
Still, the Rachel haircut became so iconic that it is still recognized and referenced today, even decades after the show ended.
With that said, can you guess the Friendsseason based on Rachel’s hair?
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