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Bully Spills Juice On 16-year-old Girl During Prom, Causing Her To Cry

Bully spills on 16-year-old girl - Almost all of us have seen a scenario in a film in which a gang of bullies plots to spill a bucket of colored drinks over the main character at a party. However, this scene can and does occur in real life for a 16-year-old girl who attends a school-hosted gathering.

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May 23, 202290 Shares1.5K Views
Bully spills on 16-year-old girl - Almost all of us have seen a scenario in a film in which a gang of bullies plots to spill a bucket of colored drinks over the main character at a party. However, this scene can and does occur in real life for a 16-year-old girl who attends a school-hosted gathering.
Two hours after her parents dropped her off, a bully threw a full bottle of juice over her head, causing her to leave the prom.
After originally stating that she would not attend the celebration at her school, sixteen-year-old Emilee Perry was eventually convinced by her mother, Tracy, to give it a shot.
However, the teenager from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was left in tears after an unpleasant classmate ruined her clothing, hair, and makeup.
After picking up her kid, the heartbroken mother Tracy immediately turned to Facebook to publicly condemn the bully.
A frustrated girl named Emilee Perry is wearing a beautiful gown inside her car
A frustrated girl named Emilee Perry is wearing a beautiful gown inside her car
Her mother posted online: "I hope one day someone humiliates and devastates her as she has done to my daughter!"
Tracy added: "It's unbelievable what has happened, she has had words of support from all over the globe."
After some time had passed, Emilee addressed the incident herself on Facebook; however, she chose not to identify the other girl who was responsible in order to avoid spreading more hate.
In fact, Emilee would want to take this opportunity to express her gratitude to each and every person who has gone above and beyond to offer her love and support in every way possible.
Emilee Perry posted:
It is greatly appreciated and I will most certainly be eternally grateful for the extremely unexpected outcome of this situation! I’ve had so much support. The way that people have responded has absolutely overwhelmed me and has proven to me that I can get through everything and it hope that this makes me a stronger person.
One woman replied on Facebook and says that Emilee is a stunning girl said. The woman can't express how sorry she is if that something terrible happened to her. She had to endure bullying.
She really hopes that the girls who did this to her should be punished, or at the very least that their parents are notified about it.

Impact Of The Incident To Emilee Perry

Emilee and her mother Tracy showing stained prom dress.
Emilee and her mother Tracy showing stained prom dress.
A teenage student whose image went viral after bullies dumped a bottle of juice over her on prom night is speaking up for the first time about her "humiliating" situation. Her ordeal occurred on prom night.
Her dress costs $500 but got stained in just a second.
Emilee was previously expelled from one school due to bullying, and she has suffered from anxiety since the age of ten, preventing her from attending prom.
Due to the severity of her condition, she cannot even leave the house without her parents, and she cannot go on sleepovers or spend the day out with her friends because she is too afraid of becoming anxious.
Emilee also said that when teachers found out what had happened, they tried to comfort her and get her to stay at the party, but she went home and got in the bath instead.
Afterward, the parents of another student did go talk to Tracy and Michael the night of the incident to say they were sorry.
In September, Emilee will begin her studies at the university, and one of the subjects she plans to study is makeup artistry, with the goal of one day becoming a professional makeup artist.

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What Happens In A Prom?

On prom night, juniors and seniors in high school wear formal clothes and take part in activities that center around a dance. Different parts of the United States have different prom traditions, but most of them include dates, prom dresses, tuxedos, dinner, and dancing.

What Grade Do You Go To Prom?

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Is It Okay To Not Go To Prom?

Because going to the prom is not necessary a defining or significant experience during one's time in high school, skipping it for whatever reason is completely acceptable. You shouldn't give in to anyone who tries to convince you to go only out of the worry that you'll come to regret it.

Purpose Of Prom

Giving young people the opportunity to enhance their social skills is the primary objective of prom, as well as any other formal event that is sponsored by a school. Students should acquire the skills necessary to walk, talk, dress, and conduct herself effectively in formal settings.

Parents, Teachers, And Kids Can Stop Bullying

Bullying is aggressive behavior that is planned and happens when there is a difference in strength or power. It is a repeated action, word, or relationship that hurts someone.

Teachers And School Administrators

Be informed and watchful. Bullying happens in most places, and teachers and administrators need to know that. Teachers and other adults in charge should stress that telling is not the same as tattling. If a teacher sees bullying in a classroom, he or she needs to stop it right away, write down what happened, and tell the right school administrators so that the situation can be looked into.
Set high standards for how students and adults should act. Schools and classrooms must be safe places for students to learn. Teachers and coaches need to make it clear to students that bullying is not okay at school and that there will be consequences for this kind of behavior.


Watch your child for bullying indicators. Bullied kids aren't usually vocal. Have an open-ended dialogue to learn what's happening at school so you can fix it. Tell your child that you are there to support him/her and that they should refrain from fighting back.


Tell someone about bullying or cyberbullying. It's important for students to tell a trusted adult or parent about bullying. Kids often don't report cyberbullying because they're afraid their parents will take away their phones or computer.
Don't start fighting back. It may be hard not to fightback, but as the saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right. Try not to show that you are angry or sad. Either tell the bully in a calm way to stop bullying or just leave.


On prom night, bullies poured a bottle of juice over a teenage girl whose picture went viral after it was taken. Emilee Perry, who was sitting alone at the end-of-year party, felt a rush of liquid go over her head and down her dress. Emilee got up and went outside to call her mom, Tracy, to come get her.
Related to this article about a bully spills on a 16-year-old girl. There is a widespread misconception that bullying is nothing more than lighthearted teasing and that it should not be taken seriously. But it is not the case at all. In fact, bullying is a factor in a lot of teen suicides.
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