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Bride's Eerie Wedding Dress Reflection In The Mirror Likened To "Black Mirror"

Explore the viral sensation of a bride's eerie wedding dress reflection in the mirror likened to 'Black Mirror,' as Tessa Coates' bridal photo sparks debates on reality.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Nov 08, 2023220 Shares73.3K Views
A simple attempt to capture a moment of bridal gown shopping led to a viral conundrum, as the bride's eerie wedding dress reflection in the mirror likened to "Black Mirror"has captivated the internet. Tessa Coates, a writer and comedian, found herself at the center of an online whirlwind after her photo shoot in a bridal shop resulted in an image so baffling, it has social media users debating whether we're part of a grand simulation.

A Glitch In The Matrix?

"It’s very simple. When taking any photo with a modern cellphone, especially in low light, it takes scans from left to right. Any movement will be captured even if not a pano because the mirrors are staticky placed but the subject is moving," one social media user tried to rationalize the eerie phenomenon. But the explanation did little to quell the growing sense of unease among viewers.
Coates' Instagram post became a focal point of intrigue as she detailed her experience. “Okay hello! Upgraded from stories to the grid. I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled. This is a real photo, not photoshopped, not a pano, not a Live Photo," she wrote.
“If you can’t see the problem, please keep looking and then you won’t be able to unsee it. Full story in my highlights (THE MIRROR) Please enjoy this glitch in the matrix/photo that me nearly vomit in the street. Also, I’m engaged!” Coates continued. The internet did more than take notice – it erupted with theories and congratulations alike.
" this possible? Also, congrats!! Delighted for you. And now concerned because those guys in suits will come for you,” an Instagram user commented, half in jest and half in genuine bewilderment. “What in the Black Mirror is happening,” another asked, echoing the sentiment of dozens of others.
Despite the unsettling nature of the photo, some found enjoyment in the mystery. “I really enjoyed the spookiness of this, I half wish I hadn't watched your story and learned the rational truth,” a follower admitted, pointing to the human penchant for the unexplained.
In pursuit of answers, Coates sought out the tech experts. On her highlights, she recounted her visit to the Apple Store, where the "geniuses" there gave her insight into the workings of modern smartphones. “They said that the phones are computers not cameras and do take a burst of images from left to right,” she explained. This could mean that her phone captured each of her movements separately and stitched them into a single, haunting image.
The photo, which shows Coates reflected in two mirrors, striking three distinct poses, has become a viral sensation, with users quick to liken the bizarre event to the unnerving scenarios depicted in the popular sci-fi thriller show "Black Mirror." The reactions ranged from lighthearted jokes to genuine concern, with one user humorously noting, “I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled.”
The debate continues as to whether this was a simple technological quirk or something more metaphysical. Coates, for her part, has taken the internet storm in stride, joking about the incident and engaging with the myriad of comments and theories presented by her followers.
So, what's the verdict? Is this a case of a digital hiccup during an innocent moment of bridal bliss, or is it evidence of a "glitch in the matrix"? The internet, it seems, is leaning towards the latter.
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