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Booty Juice Mental Health - The Plight Of The Booty Juice Victims

Have you heard of Booty Juice's mental health? If this isn't the case, the article will explain why discussing this topic is considered to be controversial. A common nickname for the medication Haldol is "Booty Juice."

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Have you heard of Booty Juice's mental health?If this isn't the case, the article will explain why discussing this topic is considered to be controversial. A common nickname for the medication Haldol is "Booty Juice."

What Is Booty Juice?

It is given to minors in psychiatric hospitals in order to "keep them in line," despite the fact that reports show the medication is frequently administered inappropriately or illegally. Antipsychotics of the first generation include Haldol. Booty Juice is a shot that is given to people who are out of control or hysterical. It makes them feel better and is given to them through their butt cheeks.
It is also highly controversial, and doctors typically do not recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary to treat the immediate symptoms of schizophrenia.WFAA has heard from a growing number of children and teens who were admitted to for-profit psychiatric hospitals in North Texas. Without their parents' knowledge, they had been injected with powerful sedative drugs.
In Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas, WFFA is a reliable source for breaking news, weather, and sports. Staff at a few psychiatric hospitals call it giving patients "booty juice" injections, according to young patients and their parents.
They claimed that the injections were frequently given in response to minor disciplinary reasons. In this video below, listen to what they share about their experiences while they are currently under the intervention of the hospital.

Volunteers Say They Were Forced To Get Booty Juice

Patients say sedative known as booty juice injected against their will

When WFAA talked to lawyers and patient advocates, they said that state laws say that the injections can only be given in medical emergencies when a patient is at risk to themselves or others. Before giving an injection, the hospital needs either permission from the patient, permission from the patient's parent, or a court order.
Even though these teens want to get help for their mental health, they are locked up against their will for a scary medical procedure. A 16-year-old pregnant teenager said: "They took me in my room and they were like, 'Bend down and I'm like 'I'm not doing that [because] I'm pregnant.'"
She was punished with an injection, according to her, because she demanded to see a doctor. The girl asked the WFFA team not to reveal her full name. She went on to say: "They put me in a chair and held my arms." She admitted that they also took her pants off and shot her, adding, "[They] put it on my cheek."
All these things happened in a private psychiatric hospital in Garland. The parents had no issues with the program that was being provided for their children while they were in the hospital. However, they claim that the hospital wouldn't let them leave.
The teenager thought that they would only have to give it to her for one night, but the intervention actually takes place over the course of eight days. Every day, her parents make an effort to discharge her from the hospital.
Her mother said, "We've called two NASA doctors 100 times," demanding to speak to a physician as she tried to contact the hospital to get her daughter released. Besides calling the doctors, they also sent them a lot of messages. In fact, they sent 100 messages.
After some time, they decided to hire the services of an attorney in order to assist their daughter in being discharged from the hospital. The news team got in touch with more than 12 teens who also asked for help on their own. The participants in the interview are recorded in the video above.
Meanwhile, Ramez Shamieh, a lawyer in Dallas, said he knows what "booty juice" means. This is because he has sued psychiatric hospitals for illegally putting kids to sleep. Shamieh said, "This [booty juice] is a very strong drug." According to medical sources, the injections often contain strong anti-psychotics.
If you recall, the teenager who confessed was pregnant. The teen's lawyer says that the FDA warns that antipsychotics could hurt an unborn child if they were in the injection she says she got.
They wouldn't let me talk to my parents. I started yelling at them and let me talk to the doctor, let me talk to who's making me stay here because I don't understand and I deserve a right to know. Next thing I remember is just waking up the next day because I passed out. My friend and I discovered phone in the room and she went and called police and the staff yelled at her and called her stupid and gave her a booty juice.- 16-Year-old Teenager Who Injected Booty Juice

Gathered Reactions Online

Amy Harvey, a YouTube user, expressed her sadness over the victims of Booty Juice in the doc. She uttered: "This is exactly why many in a suicidal state refuse to seek "help".
Herbert Bell commented as follows: "This sounds more like a criminal organization preying on the vulnerable than a psychiatric facility trying to help people. This would only make a mental patient worse."
Jen, a user, talked about her experiences with booty juice. She uttered:
"It’s happened to me before in a psych ER. I've never felt so helpless. I slept for 24 hours. Then they transferred me to a different hospital and locked me up for 18 days because I was depressed.
I had no strength or fightin me, and the hospital forced me to take medication every day. I couldn’t even think right for myself. Wish I would’ve had the strength or the help to sue them all! I still have PTSD from it."
David Roberts made the following comment: "I wish all these families would get together and sue these places and doctors. This needs to be highlighted every where so we can stand with them and help them fight!"
Corrinna said: "You can refuse meds, treatments, and physicians advice on your own accorde EXCEPT a psychiatrist. They can force restraints, give you meds, hold you against your will. It's really crazy."
Finally, one user commented: "This is exactly why, when I feel depressed, I tell absolutely no one. Someone close to me just got someone sectioned at work because the dude shared too much info to him. It's terrifying, it's like a dystopian novel turned real."

Why Is Haldol Called Booty Juice

What is Booty Juice

Mason Johnson was 11 years old when his mother admitted him to a mental institution on her own. He claimed that his roommate had "booty juice." You felt numb all over your body after they gave it to you. Johnson said that when this is injected into your butt, you can't move or feel anything.

Booty Juice Side Effects

It can be dangerous to mix drugs with sleep aids. Sedatives are often used to treat anxiety and mood disorders, but they can cause side effects like confusion, drowsiness, trouble breathing, and an irregular heartbeat if they are abused or mixed with other drugs. Doctors don't know for sure why some patients have bad reactions to sedatives.
Commonly prescribed drugs include benzodiazepines, which are used to treat anxiety, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are used to treat depression (SSRIs). CIC health: Some people who take a lot of these drugs have problems like forgetting things and seeing things that aren't there.
Others say that when they are on them, they become violent. Since doctors don't know what causes side effects, it's best not to mix medications unless your doctor tells you to. For example, if you have both depression and anxiety, your doctor might give you an SSRI for depression and a benzodiazepine for anxiety.
Not only can some foods interact badly with other drugs, but they can also make sedatives less effective. If you eat a meal high in carbs before taking your medicine, it might work better because carbs break down into sugar, which keeps the brain going.

Injection Used To Calm Patients

A syringe is inserted into a small vial of liquid
A syringe is inserted into a small vial of liquid
Most of the time, hospitals will give patients some kind of medicine to keep them calm. This is often done to calm a patient down or put them to sleep before an operation. Benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, and sedatives are some of the most common drugs that are used.
Midazolam (Versed) is often given through an IV by anesthesiologists. Anesthesia given before surgery can help a person feel more at ease. Most of the time, sedatives are given to patients to help them feel less anxious and less in pain.
Injections of diazepam are often given right before surgery or other medical procedures. People are sometimes given diazepam injections to help them calm down before surgery or other medical procedures.

People Also Ask

What Is Booty Juice Mental Health?

Booty Juice is a liquid that helps you fall asleep and relax. Cameron Greece, a Quora user, said: "Booty Juice is slang for the sedative haloperidol (Haldol), which is also used as an antipsychotic. It is used for psychotic or violent patients, usually followed by restraint. A less common sedative used is Melaril (Thioridazine), but has been discontinued due to cardiac arrest caused by the sedative."

What Do They Inject Mental Patients With?

Long-acting injectables (LAIs) enable the slow release of medication into the bloodstream. People with mental illnesses are treated with injectable drugs like Abilify Maintena, Aristada, Haldol decanoate, Invega Sustenna, Invega Trinza, fluphenazine decanoate, Risperdal Consta, and Zyprexa Relprevv.

What Drug Puts You To Sleep Instantly Surgery?

The midazolam injection is used to induce sleep or drowsiness as well as to relieve anxiety prior to surgery or certain procedures. When midazolam is given before surgery, the patient may not remember everything that happened.

Final Thoughts

Sundance Hospital didn't want to talk about the controversy in a personal interview. But they provide their statement via email and reads below:
Sundace Hospital does not condone threatening patients or the use of medications as a form of discipline. [It is] only use when there is an imminent risk of harm to self or others and when all other less restrictive measures have failed.- Hospitals Administration
Through its series "Against Their Will," WFAA learned about the term "booty juice." During the interviews, children and teens who went to psychiatric hospitals on their own said they were given booty juice injections or were threatened with them by hospital staff.
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