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Best Ways To Celebrate Someone’s Birthday To Make Them Feel Extra Special

What could be a better occasion than a birthday? So, here are the top and best ways to celebrate someone's birthday.

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When you love someone, you always want to express your feelings towards them. You want to make that person feel really special. What could be a better occasion than a birthday? So, here are the top and best ways to celebrate someone's birthday.
And a loved one is not just your life partner (LOL). Well, it includes your kids, parents, friends, teachers, BFFs, and even pets.
Kids will almost always mention their birthday as their favorite day of the year if you ask them what it is.
What could possibly be disliked about birthdays for kids?
They receive gifts in addition to being in the thick of the action. The best thing is that they are eager to age as quickly as possible and cannot wait for another year to pass.
But for grownups, things are quite different. The majority of adults despise their one-year age increase.
All of you desire eternal youth and good looks. Even though it is not possible, you should not feel depressed on your birthday.
Celebrations and birthday parties are really beneficial in these situations. You can all make the most of your special days, no matter the occasion, your social circle, your family, your significant other's attendance, etc.
Birthday celebrations may be much more than just coffee and cake with your closest friend at the usual hangout.
Here are some really unique and best ways to celebrate someone's birthday. Simply pay attention and put them into practice as soon as you can.
Multi-colored candles on a white cream cake
Multi-colored candles on a white cream cake

How To Celebrate Birthday Differently?

Do A Birthday Countdown

Create a calendar showing the days until that person's birthday (similar to the popular advent calendars at Christmas time).
To make sure they receive a modest gift every day leading up to their actual birthday, you could even include candies, chocolate, flowers, books, and toys (in the case of kids) from the dollar store or any other place, if you're feeling ambitious.

Secret And Hidden Message

You may still add a little intrigue to your birthday surprise, even if sending notes in a bottle is less frequent these days.
  • Fill a balloon with air, then tightly grip it to keep it shut.
  • Write your birthday message on a piece of paper with a marker (acid-free markers work best).
  • Inflate the balloon to its original size, place it in an envelope, and send it off!
  • Excitedly wait. The receiver will receive an additional surprise when they pop their balloon.
  • They'll continue bouncing that balloon around the home for days while thinking fondly of you.
  • Use A Subtle Revelry as inspiration for writing on your balloon in various ways.

Surprise Them With Their Favorite Meal

Bring the birthday person their preferred breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if you can!
The importance of food on birthdays! food, such as pizza, pasta, cake, cupcakes, muffins, etc.

Plan An Adventurous Day Like Hiking

You can keep that person moving all day long on his/her birthday if they prefer the daytime and they enjoy the adventure (not just the evening).
A full day of activities is possible. Everything hinges on their preferences. Start the day off by riding a bike or hiking a little bit on the nearest mountain.
Then, if your city has a beach or swimming pool, your group may come home, freshen up, and head there right away.
The day can be concluded with a trip to a neighboring bowling alley, where your group can have fun.
Naturally, the nicer your day will be, the more people you bring with you.
A cake with strawberry slices and white cream flowers and is decorated with candles
A cake with strawberry slices and white cream flowers and is decorated with candles

Laser Tag

You can plan a laser tag activity. So, what is laser tag? In the shooting sport of laser tag, people use weapons that send out infrared light to tag certain targets.
Most of the time, each player wears an infrared-sensitive signaling device to keep track of hits, and sometimes these devices are also built into the arena where the game is played.

Describe Your Favorite Memories

Ask everyone to share a favorite birthday memory or simply one or two things they like most about the child during the family meal.
Even reserved ones typically appreciate the additional love and attention from their closest relatives.

Bring It Forward

Give money or do a random act of kindness in honor of the birthday person. Does the birthday girl love animals?
Bring food, toys, or towels to your neighborhood shelter. She loves the outdoors? In her honor, contribute to Green Peace. Simple and uncostly deeds also work!
Kindness is a wonderful way to spread love, as are random acts of support and affirmation.
Tell your friend that you're doing extra good deeds today in honor of their birthday.
For a powerful impact, write down a few encouraging phrases and post them in common locations.
Place your letter next to the infant formula in the grocery store, tape it to a park bench, or place it on a library shelf. A writing stalemate?
Here are some suggestions to help you start writing:
  • You can do this!
  • You rock!
  • The best is you!
  • You are truly amazing in so many ways.
  • You have a lovely smile. You matter. Take care of yourself.
  • Discoverthe strength to let go of the things you cannot change. Be brilliant!
A family celebrating a man's birthday
A family celebrating a man's birthday

Organize A Barbecue

Without a grill, what type of event would it be? Who, besides vegans and vegetarians, does not enjoy barbeque food?
In all honesty, nothing beats grilling out in the garden with your friends and sipping on cool drinks.
Throw away some of the outside pillows and blankets for a better experience to ensure a setup that will make everyone feel even more at ease.

Set Up A Game Night

The night before all else is game night. Hosting a game night is the best option if you detest dressing up for formal occasions and want to spend your day comfortably while still having a good time.
Invite your friends over so they can get ready for the special game-filled evening in their PJs.
You can play a variety of games, from the well-known card and board games to "guess who" variations, depending on your tastes.
You'll have everything set for your big event if you only add a few drinks and nibbles.

People Also Ask

What Can You Do For Someone's Birthday?

  • Get a birthday lunch delivered to your house.
  • Plan a video call to sing you a happy birthday.
  • Plan a cake-baking celebration.
  • Send a skin care package containing all of their favorite items.

How Can I Make My Friend's Birthday Special?

  • Movie tickets and other movie gifts, as well as a surprise lunch at work, are also available.
  • Cake and gift delivery at midnight.
  • Send a letter; make cakes and cookies.
  • Surprise that person with an old group of friends; etc.

How Can I Make Someone Feel Special On His Birthday?

  • Make a call to a buddy while singing a song.
  • Send greetings and quotes with beautiful birthday wishes.
  • Create a surprise event or party.
  • If you can, grant one of their wishes.


You need to understand that person's taste before gifting them anything. This is vital!
You'll need to be aware of the interests of your birthday person, as you can see from the list of best ways to celebrate someone's birthday.
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