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The Best Sports Games To Play In 2023

Sports fans have developed an increasing appetite for entertainment and variety, and this has triggered a rise in the popularity of sports games in recent years and seen the sports game industry experience some pleasing growth to anyone operating in the industry.

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Sports fans have developed an increasing appetite for entertainmentand variety, and this has triggered a rise in the popularity of sports games in recent years and seen the sports game industry experience some pleasing growth to anyone operating in the industry. One of the reasons is that fans see their favourite sports star on the TV screen or even at a live event and then get the chance to be them in a sports game.
There’s the quality of the games as well. Take a game such as FIFA ten years ago and compare it to the latest version. The difference in quality is striking. Any game designer will tell you that quality graphics are an important part of a player’s engagement with a game. It’s hardly surprising sports fans and video games are developing more of a taste for sports games, given today’s advances in technology. This post looks at some of the best sports games out there to play in 2023.


“FIFA 23” is the latest edition of the major selling football game. It’s a real beauty, as EA have teamed up with Marvel to transform FUT Heroes into Superheroes for the fans.
The game has some other excellent features, such as women’s club football for the first time in the history of EA Sports FIFA. “The FIFA game has also gotten even more realistic, thanks to the Hypermotion2 Technology, which increases the amount of live match data capture, leading to more true-to-life animations than ever before. The machine learning from all the frames of match captured enables the game to write new, real-time animations in a variety of interactions.

NBA 2K23

“NBA 2K23” is the newest version of the legendary basketball game from 2K Games, the main rival of EA Games, and is a good way to learn about basketball so you can study the NBA odds and bet on real-life NBA games. There are several different editions, such as the Michael Jordan edition, in which you relive and rewrite history as one of the greatest players to have ever stepped onto a basketball court.
The game features some fantastic modes, including the My Career mode, in which you can create your own MyPlayer build and gradually guide your player to success. Part of this entails playing across the city and conquering different districts. The game adds a touch of realism here and explores other aspects, including fashion, business and music, and you’ll also see cameo appearances by J Cole and other big names during the game.


UFC cage action is exciting when you’re watching it on the TV screen or attending a live event, but it’s every bit as entertaining when you’re playing the EA Game. In this edition, EA have dropped a new fighter, Alex Pereira, who is the Middleweight champion, into the mix.
They’ve also added some new venues to the game. Players don’t have to do battle in the Octagon, but instead they can go head to head in backyards, as in the days of Jorge Masvidal, or even go traditional and select venues in the style of the Kumite. If you fancy putting up your dukes and throwing kicks, knees, elbows and more against other players in cyberspace, that’s possible as well. Constant rotation of the rulesets keeps things fresh and engaging, and the action in these battles is fast.
Best of all for players though, perhaps, are the improvements to the gameplay. EA have overhauled the ground and pound so that players have more control of postured-up scenarios. Strikers can aim and pick their spots more, and fighters in defending positions have more control of their head movements and transitions. Then there’s the clinch control, which is more fluid, thanks to the Real Player Motion technology, and EA have also overhauled takedowns, creating more possible outcomes from a takedown.

Madden NFL 23

“Madden NFL 23” has taken a long, hard look at the previous versions of the franchise, strived to improve the gameplay and generally has rebuilt itself. In this edition, players have much more freedom, whether they’re offensive players or defensive ones, and this has made the gameplay much more realistic. Realism was always a big deal to the late coach, John Madden, who was behind the franchise, so he’d be looking down on this latest version of his game and smiling.
The Franchise feature of the game also mixes things up a little by throwing fresh motivations into contract negotiations. Players can make salary demands in the free agency, but this might not be the only thing they take into consideration when they decide to join a team.
EA Games and their rival 2K Games have been putting some magnificent titles out there to delight sports fans. Sports lovers get the opportunity to play as their favourite sports stars, which can make the experience of seeing sporting events live even more thrilling when they get the chance.
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