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Best 3 Casinos To Play Bingo & Slingo Online

If there is one major feature that non GamStop casinos have in common, it is offering a modest selection of bingo and slingo games. Despite the huge popularity of these games, casinos not on GamStop ignore them and focus more on slot games, live casino games, and other options.

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If there is one major feature that non GamStop casinos have in common, it is offering a modest selection of bingo and slingo games. Despite the huge popularity of these games, casinos not on GamStop ignore them and focus more on slot games, live casinogames, and other options. Therefore, if you are a fan of bingo or slingo games, you will not find what you are looking for in British casinos, and therefore we advise you to discovercasinos without GamStop on JUSTUK CLUB. These sites have a great selection of bingo and slingo games that you can enjoy for free or with real money bets as well.

Richy Farmer Casino

Richy Farmer Casinomay not be the first online casinoyou think of when you feel like playing bingo. Given that they only offer three bingo games, that is of course, no surprise, but this online bingo provider does have a number of advantages.
If you are looking for classic bingo variants or just a lot of variation, providers such as Winner Casino or SlotoNauts Casino Online are probably a better choice. But if you want to play unique online bingo games for real money with a high RTP, then Richy Farmer Casino is definitely a good option.
Payment OptionVISA, MasterCard, and Cryptocurrencies
Minimum Stake€0.05
Number of Bingo Games3
Below we discuss the three bingo games they offer, but Richy Farmer Casino has a wider range of other games:
  • Rainforest Magic Bingo – If you like the jungle, then Rainforest Magic Bingo might be the best choice for you. This game is developed by Play'n GO and contains a total of 90 numbers.There are a number of bonusfeatures with this game, such as the Mystery Prize and Treasure Slate, and it has a max RTP of just over 97%.
  • Sweet Alchemy Bingo – This is a game from Play'n GO that first appeared on the market in June 2020. You can play Sweet Alchemy Bingo with up to four cards at a time, and it is played with 90 numbers.There are also some unique features to this game, such as the ' Elixir of Power Bonus Round ', where you can win extra money, and the 'Treasure Chest', where you can win an extra prize with a full card. The game has a minimum bet of €0.05.
Viking Runecraft Bingo – This is a game that first appeared on the market in November of 2020 and was developed by Play'n GO. This game also has several bonus features and is, therefore, very entertaining. The RTP percentage can vary greatly depending on how it is played and is a maximum of 95.9%.
Unique bingo games that cannot be played at any other legal Dutch casinoOnly 3 bingo games are available
Bingo games with a high RTP of up to 97%No slingo games
Only modern games, no classic variants

Slotstoto Casino

Slotstoto is a very reliable casino that is known all over the UK, but it is not the most obvious place to play bingo. The casino does not have classic bingo games in its assortment at the time of writing, but slingo is there!
Slingo is a type of hybrid game that combines bingo and slots. We have briefly discussed the range of slingo games that Jack's has below.
Payment OptionVISA, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency
Minimum Stake€0.10
Number of Slingo Games22 slingo games (no bingo)
Slingo – Slotstoto has a huge selection of slingo games ranging from Slingo Starburst and Book of Slingo to Red Hot Slingo and Slingo Centurion. Most variants have a minimum bet of €0.20, except for Slingo Starburst which has a minimum bet of €0.10 , and Slingo Fortunes, which have a minimum bet of €1.
Largest selection of slingo gamesNo bingo games
Most slingo games have a high RTP of over 95%

Hand of Luck Casino

Hand of Luck Casino does not have any real bingo gamesavailable, so if you are looking for a classic or modern bingo game, then you better choose Winner Casino or SlotoNauts Casino. However, Hand of Luck Casino does have Slingo , and so we thought it would be worth adding this casino to our list.
Payment OptionVISA, MasterCard, Cryptocurrency
Minimum Stake€0.10
Number of Slingo Games20 slingo games (no bingo)
Hand of Luck Casino is one of two non GamStop casinos that offer slingo. In addition, it also has a wide range of other games.
Slingo – Hand of Luck Casino has an extensive range of slingo games to choose from. If you like the sea, Lobstermania Slingo might be a good choice. Would you rather travel to South America? – Then try Slingo Inca Trail. There are 20 different variants available with a minimum bet ranging from €0.10 to €1.
Offers 20 slingo gamesNo bingo games
The slingo games at Hand of Luck Casino have a higher RTP than most classic and modern bingo gamesYou must create a full account to play


As you can see, non GamStop casinos have an abundance of bingo and slingo games, unlike British casinos, which have a limited selection of these games. Moreover, offshore casinos are doing very well in other aspects as here you will get a special bonus as well as you can get a lot of new deposit bonuses, cashback, and many more offers.
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