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The Best Canadian Poker Players

Canada is well known for its fine gambling history and tradition and its love for casino games like poker.

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Feb 15, 2023178 Shares2.7K Views
Canada is well known for its fine gambling history and tradition and its love for casinogames like poker.
Canada has produced several phenomenal poker players, such as Daniel Negreanu and Timothy Adams, who both have been able to walk away with big shares of poker tournament prize money.
Players don’t just go to poker tournaments, but tournaments go to players as well. Take Montreal, for instance. The Canadian city has been a regular host of the World Poker Tournaments since the 2000s, and the provinces of Canada often host World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments and competitions. Not only are there land-based tournament options in Canada but there are also many online casinooperators available for Canadian playersoffering online poker tournament competitions.
With so many opportunities to take part in tournaments, there is no surprise that Canada is home to some of the world’s greatest poker players. Below is a look at some of the best Canadian players to ever pick up a deck of cards, starting with the player some might say is the best Canadian poker player there has ever been.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, who hails from Toronto, has amassed more than $46 million during his time at the poker tables. He turned pro at 22. He’s won the WSOP bracelet six times and two WTP championships. Before online poker arrived and he could embrace learning, Negreanu relied on his reading skills and knowledge of strategy. He dares to acknowledge his weaknesses and work on them, and he’s good at adapting, which has been crucial in his success. His rivals include Justin Bonomo, Mike Matusow, Jake Schindler, and Martin Karbhel.

Timothy Adams

Timothy Adamsstarted playing poker online when he was 18 and has earned himself more than $28 million from his poker endeavors since then. Notable rivals include fellow Canadians, Andrew Chen and Mike Leah. In 2012, the Burlington, Ontario-born player walked away with the WSOP tour bracelet, and in 2019, he won the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series. He’s second to Daniel Negreanu in terms of prize money won.

Evelyn Ng

One of the Canadians flying the flag for ladies in poker has been Evelyn Ng, who started by playing pool at 14 and later, by the age of 17, was a blackjack dealer and poker dealer. It was about that time she met Daniel Negreanu. The two dated and he taught her to play poker and excel against aggressive opponents. She’s developed an aggressive playing style that has made her famous at the tables and a menace to her opponents. She also achieved fame on the World Poker Tour circuit in 2003 when she finished second in the Ladies Night 1 tournament, finishing ahead of pros Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman. Rival Clonie Gowen was the winner.
Ng has earned more than $375,000 in poker earning since she started at the tables. Today, she stars in different TV showsthat require her to play poker and are also active on social media, posting her views on poker and poker-related topics.

Sam Greenwood

Sam Greenwood cuts an unassuming figure at the poker table, but more than $22 million in earnings should be warning enough to take him seriously. The former stock trader has capitalized on his understanding of percentages and variance to win more than $6 million online. Greenwood is at home in online poker and offline poker and has no fears about battling it with the biggest names on the WSOPand WPT circuits. He also has Super High Roller titles under his belt.

Daniel Dvoress

Russian-born Daniel Dvoress has been Canadian since the age of eight. This mix of cultures allows him to bring a steeliness to the table that fuses well with the aggressive but affable style of Canadian poker playing. Dvoress has walked away more than $15 million in prize money from poker tables. Of this, $2.6 million has been online. Although Dvoress has had the pleasure of slipping on a WSOP bracelet, he’s more of a super high-roller winner.

The rise of online poker

Players such as Daniel Negreanu were already playing poker before online gaming existed, but then he was able to tap into online poker to learn more about the game and improve. Other players have made the most of online poker to play under a pseudonym or username, hide their real identity, and clearing up at the poker tables.
Not only has online poker connected the world’s biggest poker players, but it has also made the game more accessible for anyone who likes card gamesor casinogames. Players can also make the most of the bonuses and promotions online casinos offer, as well as on the practice sessions, to enjoy more time at the tables and even build their skills.
Canada has produced some truly prolific poker players. If ever you sit down at the poker table opposite one, you might be forgiven for giving a slight gulp of fear. The better you understand the game and the more practice you have, the more chance you might have of putting up a decent fightat the table.
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