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Alissa Violet Leaked - The Sexiest Pictures You Wouldn't Want To Miss

American model, actor, and YouTuber Alissa Violet hails from Ohio. Through social media platforms like Vine and Instagram, Violet became well-known. Alissa Violet leaked hot pictures as well as porn movies and videos. She accumulated more than 600,000 followers on Vine before the program was discontinued.

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American model, actor, and YouTuber Alissa Violet hails from Ohio. Through social media platforms like Vine and Instagram, Violet became well-known.
She accumulated more than 600,000 followers on Vine before the program was discontinued.
On her YouTube channel, Alissa presently has more than 3.8 million followers and 200 million viewers.
She garnered 2.1 million Twitter followers and nearly 8.7 million Instagram followers.

Alissa Violet Early Life

Alissa Violet Drinking Wine
Alissa Violet Drinking Wine
On June 12th, 1996, Alissa Violet-Marie Butler was born in Brunswick, Ohio.
Jake Paul persuaded her to buy a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, where she met with five modeling agencies.
Later, Violet joined Team 10, a social media management and incubation company.
She shared a home with Neels Visser, Jake Paul, and other well-known figures on social media.
Up until Jake forcibly evicted her in February 2017 as a result of the issues they were experiencing, it was known as Team 10 House.

Career Of Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet Wearing A Swim Suit
Alissa Violet Wearing A Swim Suit
When Violet began posting 6-second Vine videos on the social media platform, her career took off. She has more than 600,000 fans on the app.
In 2016, she posted her first Vlog, which described her life in the Team 10 home.
She was given the part of Kylie in the television show "The Deleted" the same year.
She also co-wrote the song "It's Everynight Sis" with YouTuber RiceGum.
Alissa reportedly left the Team 1 home in 2017 after Paul ejected her.
She made the decision to eat supper, apply lipstick on a mirror, and then leave while snap chatting the whole process.
Paul accused Alissa of cheating while she accused him of neglecting her on Twitter, where they both vented their frustrations.

Luxury Lifestyle

Alissa Violet Taking A Bath
Alissa Violet Taking A Bath
Alissa Violet appreciates life's finest pleasures. In order to live in a home among other YouTubers and Vloggers, she just moved to Los Angeles.
Alissa Violet, on the other hand, resided somewhere else before she joined the cloud gang.
In the meanwhile, she was asked to join Team 10, a social media management company.
On the other hand, she was forced to leave the home since Jake had tossed her possessions outside.
Alissa then relocated to the cloud home, a four-story building with a monthly cost of almost $35,000, after that.

Alissa Violet Vacantions

The desire of practically everyone is to travel to other parts of the globe, and Alissa enjoys doing just that.
In the holiday images, she can be seen displaying her lovely form, and she blogs about it on her youtube channel.
In the meanwhile, she took a trip to Dubai in 2020. She visited the moss there, dressed like a woman would, and learned about the local way of life. She also gave a ride in the desert.
She has also visited Milan, Mexico. She had also gone to Italy two years before. When she visited Milan on vacation, she went shopping and explored the city's streets.
Similarly, she described her vacation to Vegas as a catastrophe in a YouTube video that she released.

Alissa Violet Leaked

Alissa Violet  Doing A Selfie
Alissa Violet Doing A Selfie
Alissa Violet oversees a number of channels and sites on well-known social media platforms.
The reason for its popularity was because it released comedic videos.
The child became a true superstar due to her ability and striking attractiveness.
Alissa is really lovely and lively.
It is worthwhile to visit her sites on numerous Internet resources to familiarize yourself with her work.
As was already noted, Alyssa rose to fame as a result of her social media activities, including videos and images.
She sometimes even posted BTS and naked selfie pictures!

Net Worth And Incomes

Alissa Violet's modeling and singing careers have contributed to her $5.8 million in wealth.
Violet makes almost $500,000 a year from her modeling jobs and commercials, despite being just 20.
The attractive YouTuber also made money from her Instagram posts and YouTube videos.
Violet's earnings from her YouTube channel range from an average of $2K to $25K per month to as much as $19.5K to $305K per year.
The additional income Alissa receives from her sponsored Instagram posts and compensated partnerships totals close to $400,000.
And Alissa supports brands like MTV, Converse, and Quay Australia.
Similar to that, she receives at least $20,000 from each sponsored post.
She also costs around $30,000 to participate in the activities.

Alissa Violet Boyfriend

When Alissa was in high school, she met Jake Paul. He advised she go to Los Angeles and helped launch her modeling career.
From 2016 to 2017, Violet dated Jake for a whole year. Together, they worked to make vine videos.
Paul and Violet reportedly moved in together to live together, according to sources. Sadly, they parted ways and split up.
They each accused one another of cheating on Twitter. Alissa first met Ricky FaZe Banks in 2017.
The YouTuber Faze. After Alissa and Jake split up, he was there for her through her difficult period.
Online users sent the pair a lot of love and support as well.
Alissa and Faze split up after dating for two years. They told their fifteen million plus online followers that their romance was finished.

Alissa Violet Youtube And Vlogs

Alissa Violet Relaxing
Alissa Violet Relaxing
On YouTube, Alissa is well-known and has millions of followers and subscribers.
On YouTube, a video titled "What you have been waiting for" has garnered 25 Million views, generating a revenue of $225,000.
Similar to this, a video she and her friend Chantel Jeffries created together called "Cash me Outside" has received over 18 million views.
And it brought in more than $150,000. She may be seen working out in this video by dancing, shooting hoops, and having fun.
The stunning violet also shared BEST FRIEND CHALLENGE (ft. RiceGum, FaZe Banks, Chantel Jeffries) in 2017.
Her earnings from this amusing film, which had over 11 million views globally, exceeded $90,000.
The stunning YouTuber has also retained the "Alissa Violet-Vlog 1" video, which has over 6.5 million views and earned $65,000.
Last but not least, "Affordable Try-on Haul," Alissa Violet's most recent video on YouTube, with 681K views and was published six months ago.
As a result, in addition to her money from modeling and sponsorships, the attractive YouTuber and popular vlogger also create enormous cash from her YouTube platform.

People Also Ask

Why Is Alissa Violet Famous?

Alissa Violet Butler, an American model, actor, and YouTuber, was born on June 12, 1996 (age 26), and she first gained notoriety on social media platforms like Vine and Instagram. She accumulated more than 600,000 followers on Vine before the program was discontinued.

What Happened With Jake Paul And Alissa Violet?

Things apparently took a turn for the worst in the beginning of 2017 when Jake ejected Alissa from the Team 10 residence. Fans thus conjectured that they split up. Eventually, the two came clean about their poisonous, emotionally abusive relationship.

Did Alissa Sleep With Logan?

When she had a sexual relationship with Jake's brother Logan, the poisonous scenario changed.
According to Alissa, Jake didn't want her "in the way" when the rest of Team 10 went on a group excursion to a ski resort because he wanted to hook upwith someone else.


Alissa Violet, an Instagram star, is a popular model who often lands modeling jobs.
She receives a base salary of up to $35,000 plus bonuses for each picture session.
She has also succeeded in getting a job at a major publication like Vogue, which pays on average $300 per hour.
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