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[AgentRedGirl] Amy's Big Wish Episode 3 Part 1 - Mommy's Number

Agent Red Girl creates cool sexy porn animations. Read below about the characters in this animations.

Author:Maxwell Canvas
Reviewer:Al Dente & Tony Soprano
Jan 28, 2023118 Shares2.1K Views
Agent Red Girl creates cool sexy porn animations. Read below about the characters in this animations.


Emma long age 18 blonde
Emma long age 18 blonde
Emma is a young woman with a lifetime of major mental and physical health issues. As a child she had multiple lung surgeries to keep her body functioning.
However, one day her health issues mysteriously vanished. She now attends a seven day a week private school for adults with special needs.
While Emma excels in her education, she has very little social skills and does not talk much to anyone.
Emma is based off a real life porn star. Dollie is NOT alive. Dollie is a plush toy turned into a "flesh light". Emma's brain works differently than most. I don't want to put a label on her but so lets just say that she is different.

Sex Life

Emma dreams of being a mother. She practices sexon a toy doll, named Dollie, that she turned into a makeshift fleshlight.
She suffers from frequent erections and regardless if she is in public or at home she tends to masturbate and ejaculate as soon as she grows hard.


Elara factsheet
Elara factsheet
Elara is the younger fairy sister of Fira. Elara's job is to induce lust and love in creatures in order to encourage them to breed.
A single gaze from Elara can fill a person with arousal. However, a touch from Elara can give any creature an insatiable desire to breed and be bred.
Elara has been neglecting her duties for the past five years and her mother is quite unhappy with her. Most fairies who do not complete their work are severely punished and Elara is no exception.
Elara is seen as mischievous and manipulative but deep down she is kind hearted and only wants to be loved.

Sex Life

Elara's sex life is centered around Emma. She is deeply in love with her and tries several times a day to get impregnated by her so that she can bear her children.
However, it is very difficult and rare for a fairy to get impregnated by a human.
Doing so would cause Elara to get banished from the fairy world instantly, which Elara is aware of.

What People Say About Agent Red Girl

Thanks so much Red. This scratches many, many kinks! Busty, curvaceous futas, messy finishes, and the crossing of faeries and human!!! Ugh, so good. This isn't too mention the absolute triumph of animation and audio! More than a few faps are to be had and I thank you!
MORE ELARA PLEASSEE Would have loved to see some stomach bulging from Elaras dick Musicwas fun 👍🏻
I noticed an issue. You only gave us a preview of "Mommy Time." Haha. Can't wait for the rest!
Well done! I just love your work. I really like Elara and Mss. Barnes, easily my favorite parts of the whole animation. Looking forward to seeing more episodes in this series!
Well let's get the obvious out of the way! As always, the sheer quality of your animation is freaking sensational! The characters are bursting life and energy and the quality of their models are top notch. I am always blown away by the little details in their expressions, subtle little movements of the eyes or mouth, all so well done. And naturally the larger, sex animations are just... amazing! 💜💜💜 I really like the music, it fits very well with the scene and gives a good tone/atmosphere. Particularly good here with the more whimsical and mysterious antics going on 😸 As for Elara, I freaking love how she looks! But then, of course I do, she's got purple! 💜💜💜 She's really cute and beautiful and super sexy too. But seriously, the purple hair and eyes with her pale skin are mesmerising and I love her really wide areola on her nipples. For me though, I am utterly in love with Barnes! She's on the same tier as Mary and Bella for me 😻😻😻 She's so adorable, voluptuous, sexy and has a perfect, delicious uncut weenie that I adore. Also without spoiling anything, the angle and pose for her at roughly 4:43 is insanely sexy, perfectly shows off her curves and makes her look so sensual. And at roughly 6:11.. Holy crap... Holy crap! I love, love, love her! 😻😻😻😻😻 She's so energetic, so sexy, so lively and her actress is doing a wonderful job. The whole story and scenario for this animation is a lot of fun, I like the interactions between the characters a lot. Emma and Elara are just great! Excellent work to you, Red! And of course to your fellow colourful agents and the wonderful actresses giving voice to the characters. I won't lie, I had some reservations about this one, I'm not super into the toy horse or horse cock and yet.. this may well be among my very favourite animations of yours! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 (And if I may, please-please-please find some reason or excuse to bring back Barnes! Even if it's purely in picture form, I need moar of my new love! 😻😹)
This was really nice. Only complaints would be that it felt rushed. Also, it would have been super sexy if the teacher were seduced more. Like if Elara was sucking Emma under the desk and Barnes only saw Emma reacting (Elara invisible). Then Barnes goes to the bathroom to calm down. Then when she gets back Emma and Elara and in full get down mode. Barnes freaks like she did but instead of going so quickly to nude and entranced, she acts innocent and then elara starts sucking on her but invisible until she gives in.
The animation is just amazing. Love all 3 girls; each one of them is hot!. I have to agree with SPS above, I too would like a version without the music, as it was a little distracting. Keep up the great work! You and your team are truly incredible.
Absolutely amazing, red. Great music, great production values, and fantastic characters. Ms Barnes is definitely a .keeper, I think her days of not getting pregnant are at an end. Please more of her. Elara is truly monumental. She seems to be some sort of extension of Dolly. I really loved this animation
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